Freespee Tips and Tricks: How can I customise Freespee number formatting on my website?

Number formatting on websites can be displayed in lots of different ways depending on mulitple factors. As each unique Freespee script recognises which country the account is registered in, it’s by default replacing the numbers on your website displaying only area code + subscriber number. This is based on the most common way companies usually display their phone numbers! There might be cases where you might want to display the country code as well.
Here’s how to do it:

To be able to add country code to the replacing Freespee numbers you’ll have to add a few lines of code to your script, including the e.164 recommendation. The e.164 recommendation defines the general number plan for international numbers (country codes) in almost all countries in the world. Here’s how the script would look like:

If you want even further customisation to your number formatting, you’ll have to elaborate with the following parameters and them to your Freespee script:

To understand the different parameters so that you understand what happens when you change them, here’s a quick explanation:

A Freespee script including the parameters above would look like the one presented below and also provide a Freespee number with the following formatting:

Hope this clarifies how you can customise the Freespee number formatting for your website and if you’d like to dig deeper into more customisation options, feel free to visit our developers section