Product update: All of your favourite media tools in one place with the Freespe Plugin Gallery

As you may know if you’ve read our product updates over the past few months, we’ve focused on making Freespee your favourite solution by integrating with all of your favourite marketing tools. This week, we’re making another addition to our expanding portfolio by adding the Adobe SiteCatalyst plugin.

The Adobe SiteCatalyst plugin enables the Freespee platform to report data into SiteCatalyst. Freespee’s data can be handled just like any other eCommerce variables and events that you currently track on your web site.

Interested in more of our plugins? Do you use DoubleClick, AppNexus or Facebook? On we have now added an extensive section  that includes all of your favourite media tools in one place (And, we’re expanding this section every day!) Make sure you browse around the Plugin Gallery to discover further possibilities in making the most out of your online marketing strategy.

One more thing – you should also check the new Features page on our website.

It’s very sexy!