Oxford English Dictionary announces addition of Ad Tech words to latest edition

It is evident that the adtech industry is making an impact on the wider consumer world when adtech words have been acknowledged by the Oxford English Dictionary.

Last week a series of adtech related words and phrases made the big league. ‘Sentiment analysis’, ‘second screen’, ‘responsive’ and ‘clickbait’ were included in’s yearly announcement of new official words. This highlights the fact that as business and technology evolve, consumers are becoming increasingly ‘tech-savvy’.

Technology, especially in the western world, is now deeply embedded in society. Whether it’s simply the ownership of a computer or a smartphone, or a strong personal or professional interest in building and shaping the internet as we know it, technology is absolutely something that is regarded as mainstream.

The internet and the consumer are constantly changing and there is a need to pivot and adapt to find the best solutions for businesses and end-users all the time. For this reason, there will only be more adtech words included in the Oxford English Dictionary in future editions.

Ad Tech words added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014 include:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Geocache
  • Subtweet
  • Acquihire
  • Clickbait
  • Deep web
  • Fast follower
  • Responsive
  • Second screen
  • Tech-savvy

Google’s latest Adwords tool highlights the importance of comprehensive ad-to-call tracking tools

Yesterday, Google announced the launch of its latest AdWords tool, Website Call Conversion. This latest addition joins a number of new products that allows advertisers to link ads and phone calls that has launched over the last year including click-to-call ads, call metrics, and calls as conversion. The way Website Call Conversion works is that every time a user clicks on the ads and is directed to a merchant’s website, they will see a dynamically generated phone number that is linked to those ads. When potential customers click on or call the number, the call itself will be automatically linked to the ad the customer had seen. This allows brands to more easily track which ads has led to phone calls. The important thing to remember here is that Google AdWords only measures approximately 25% of traffic on most brand websites. The remainder of the traffic comes from other channels which is why tracking phone calls to individual ads and users are of utmost importance in order to generate high data accuracy. By providing our clients with Freespee software we are able to allow them to track conversions based on the whole customer journey, not just those that are the result of Google AdWords. Nonetheless, this marks an exciting time for us, as it shows that people are becoming increasingly aware of the need to connect their data in order to see the bigger picture.

Video: Carl at Fjord's Kitchen

carl filming screenshot

At the peak of summer, our Co-founder and CEO Carl got invited to take part of a very cool event. In a totally disruptive manner, Fjord’s Kitchen, an event by Accenture‘s design and innovation consultancy Fjord, gathered food lovers (especially those keen on tasting something a little more eccentric), tech enthusiasts, data geeks and visionaries. 
The theme of the event was Living Services – the way digital impacts our everyday routines, connecting every service we use so we connect with and make sense of the world around us. During the three-course dinner, speakers and audience engaged in dynamic conversation around context, inattentional blindness in data and the future of cities.
The unusual atmosphere (and food!) make Fjord’s Kitchen one of those gatherings one would love to attend over and over again, and we’re thrilled Carl was invited.
We know you’re curious to see the video, so here it is.
Happy watching!

Fjord Kitchen – Living Services from Fjord on Vimeo.
P.S. Have you read our article about Inattentional blindness? I think you will find it very interesting, take a look !

Freespee Reads

Freespee Reads

Didn’t get a chance to follow news in Marketing, Big Data, IoT and Tech this week? Don’t worry – we’ve summed up what’s hot for you in our weekly collection, Freespee Reads. Did we miss an interesting article? We’d love you to share it with us. Happy reading!

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E-marketing: Drip, nurture and automated marketing campaigns

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Identifying blind spots in the customer journey online

In order to understand the motivators behind making a purchase online and the hurdles customers might be faced with, data capture of calls made to call centres and visits to the merchant’s website need to be addressed and aligned with data before conclusions are drawn as to the effectiveness of a marketing campaign and the reality of the customer journey.
Learn more about the blind spots in the online path to purchase in Carl’s latest article in Digital Marketing Magazine here.

The Freespee weekly digest: Freespee Reads

At Freespee, we read a lot.  In the office, we spend our days reading and discussing articles, blog posts or tweets about tech, big data, IoT, marketing automation and the customer journey, to name but a few.
We’ve been sharing the interesting things we read on Twitter with you throughout the week but now we will also be publishing a weekly round up of everything right here on our blog every Saturday. This round up is called ‘Freespee Reads’.
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