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Freespee Reads

Didn’t get a chance to follow news in Marketing, Big Data, IoT and Tech this week? Don’t worry – we’ve summed up what’s hot for you in our weekly collection, Freespee Reads. Did we miss an interesting article? We’d love you to share it with us. Happy reading!

This week’s big topic: The CIO and CMO Perspective on Big Data

The lines between IT and marketing are blurring in the age of digital marketing. CMOs now command more of the tech budget than any other exe

Are Marketers Ready for Data Analytics?

It’s a curse to live in interesting times. Try telling that to marketers, who are in the vortex of these interesting times?!

Marketers Must Get In The Habit Of Behavior Design

The growing complexity of marketing to consumers hasn’t been lost on CMOs. But somewhere in the vast space between methods…

Data vs. Insights – They’re Not the Same, Not Even Close

In order for marketers to get their message across, they need more than data – they need to look closer.

Why businesses that pass on data-driven marketing & sales…

Salespeople and marketers at a few companies have been testing out marketing startups’ data-powered tools -what are the outcomes?

Customer journey mapping – The secret to digital transformation

If you need to convince management that digital transformation is required – map your customer journeys.

E-marketing: Drip, nurture and automated marketing campaigns

Marketing automation is becoming an essential marketing practice for all B2B companies.
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