Video: Carl at Fjord's Kitchen

At the peak of summer, our Co-founder and CEO Carl got invited to take part of a very cool event. In a totally disruptive manner, Fjord’s Kitchen, an event by Accenture‘s design and innovation consultancy Fjord, gathered food lovers (especially those keen on tasting something a little more eccentric), tech enthusiasts, data geeks and visionaries. 
The theme of the event was Living Services – the way digital impacts our everyday routines, connecting every service we use so we connect with and make sense of the world around us. During the three-course dinner, speakers and audience engaged in dynamic conversation around context, inattentional blindness in data and the future of cities.
The unusual atmosphere (and food!) make Fjord’s Kitchen one of those gatherings one would love to attend over and over again, and we’re thrilled Carl was invited.
We know you’re curious to see the video, so here it is.
Happy watching!

Fjord Kitchen – Living Services from Fjord on Vimeo.
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