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This week’s #FreespeeReads is a bit special. We’re featuring two Freespee articles – a big announcement about our shiny and new Support portal, and Carl’s latest article on how important the customer journey data is for the small businesses for Is4Profit magazine. In addition to these, we’ve included the best articles on Big Data, Social Data and Marketing of the week.
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It was time for an upgrade. Welcome to the new Support!

A milestone in Support: We are making our communication with customers, partners and friends even easier moving forward by introducing the new

Is Graph Theory Key to Understanding Big Data?

In the short course of its existence, Google has become a part of our daily lives. The search giant has become nearly unavoidable, due…

Social Data Should Tell A Story

Big data – or just data in general – is a topic that marketers love to talk about. Working with data is also something easier said than…

The CMO’s Guide to Marketing Automation

We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age. To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today.

How Understanding the Customer’s Journey Can Benefit Your SMB

Carl Holmquist discusses why the customer journey is not what you think it is and how to maximise the effectiveness of your small business…

Welcome To The New Support!

We always strive to provide superior support and those are not pretty words we just say. We truly value the relationships with our customers. In Freespee, we are lucky to have engaged, creative, and informed customers. On average, 70% of the tickets we receive come from customers who want to understand how to use Freespee better, who make feature requests, or enquire for new setups, ideas etc.
Support is not only about fixing customer issues or helping out with complex setups.
Keeping our eyes open and having daily conversations with our customers have helped us stay ahead and never slow down the development of new features and improvement of existing ones. Some of our best ideas came, in fact, from customers feedback, requests and needs!
Today we are reaching a milestone in Support: we are making our communication with customers, partners and friends even easier moving forward by introducing the new
The new home of Freespee Support is the place where all of our customers can refer to when they want to access tickets, get help from the community and look at FAQs. All of this, directly from the Freespee dashboard.

Freespee Support can also be reached from the footer on and of course directly via To be able to comment on articles or create tickets you will need to login using the same details as you use for Freespee Analytics.
We’re adding an additional service introducing our Knowledge Base including FAQs, Product updates, Tips and Tricks, Developers documentation and much more. Everything in one place.
Welcome to the new Freespee Support 

In the new, unified Support platform you can get access to a lot more than our help desk only.
Regardless of whether you need to place a ticket or would like to read an article, our new support platform is your one-in-all solution for this.
Do you need to add a ticket? Simply start typing the issue that you’ve stumbled upon, and all related topics from the Knowledge Base will appear instantly. See example below.

This functionality not only enables you to find the answer to your question a lot quicker, but also get additional information and useful tips and tricks.
Plus, you no longer need to log into our dashboard to follow up on support tickets. You can now reply directly from your email. Easy.
All that matters here is how useful you find all of this. So please – visit Support and let us know your thoughts.

Freespee Reads

In the past week, we’ve been really excited about the new releases from our Engineering team, who have added another set of powerful features to Freespee. Read about their awesome work and the great reads from the Marketing, Big Data and IoT world that engaged us in the past 7 days. We’d love to get your thoughts on these topics, and if we missed something interesting, do let us know in the comments below.

Product update: UTM sources, plugins and reporting

We know how important it is for you to get granular data about where on the web your customers come from. That’s why our engineers have worked hard to add more powerful features to Freespee.

A peek at the marketing technology stack of the future

A recent report on the marketing technology landscape from Scott Brinker, Co-founder and CTO of Ion Interactive and author of the Chief…

The Inbound Call: A Marketer’s Most Valuable Asset?

In a world dominated by Google AdWords and pay-per-click strategies, is there any real value in an old-fashioned phone call?

Big data in marketing: how to gain the advantage

With widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, you can accumulate ‘in-the-moment’ data that can help to develop truly personalised, relevant, real-time connections with your target audiences.

5 Tips for Succeeding with Your Marketing Automation

Here are five things we find crucial to succeeding with your new MAP: Process, Consensus, Content, Data and Community.
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Product update: UTM sources, plugins and reporting

Another great summer has come to an end and while we’re a bit sad to have to say goodbye to the long warm days, we’re happy to kick off the Autumn season with some great product updates from our tireless engineering team.
UTM Sources
We know how important it is for you to get granular data about where on the web your customers come from. That’s why our engineers have worked hard to improve the way UTM sources are recognised in the Freespee platform. For advanced UTM segmentation, you had to ask Freespee to do some tailored configurations of the script backend. Now, you can do advanced UTM segmentation with the flick of the switch by activating the UTM segmentation plugin.
Webgains plugin
Webgains is one of the largest affiliate networks worldwide. With Freespee’s Webgains data feed plugin, data about call conversions will be directly fed into the Webgains platform. The plugin is now directly available at the Plugin section in the Freespee platform.

Plugins, more plugins, please!
We’ve been very focused on creating partnerships and integrating with other marketing tools over the year, and our plugin portfolio has grown immensely. We’re adding another great plugin next week – Pipeline Deals CRM! This powerful integration will allow marketers to add a lot more sense to their sales cycle. We are really excited to tell you more about this, so watch this space.
Freespee’s ultimate goal is to help businesses grow.Our customers are feeding more and more data into Freespee’s platforms and we are determined to provide them with a better understanding and analysis of those numbers.
Knowing how important it is for our customers to effortlessly access their data, we have optimised the download time for our most common reports, so you can focus on taking actions.