Product update: UTM sources, plugins and reporting

Another great summer has come to an end and while we’re a bit sad to have to say goodbye to the long warm days, we’re happy to kick off the Autumn season with some great product updates from our tireless engineering team.
UTM Sources
We know how important it is for you to get granular data about where on the web your customers come from. That’s why our engineers have worked hard to improve the way UTM sources are recognised in the Freespee platform. For advanced UTM segmentation, you had to ask Freespee to do some tailored configurations of the script backend. Now, you can do advanced UTM segmentation with the flick of the switch by activating the UTM segmentation plugin.
Webgains plugin
Webgains is one of the largest affiliate networks worldwide. With Freespee’s Webgains data feed plugin, data about call conversions will be directly fed into the Webgains platform. The plugin is now directly available at the Plugin section in the Freespee platform.

Plugins, more plugins, please!
We’ve been very focused on creating partnerships and integrating with other marketing tools over the year, and our plugin portfolio has grown immensely. We’re adding another great plugin next week – Pipeline Deals CRM! This powerful integration will allow marketers to add a lot more sense to their sales cycle. We are really excited to tell you more about this, so watch this space.
Freespee’s ultimate goal is to help businesses grow.Our customers are feeding more and more data into Freespee’s platforms and we are determined to provide them with a better understanding and analysis of those numbers.
Knowing how important it is for our customers to effortlessly access their data, we have optimised the download time for our most common reports, so you can focus on taking actions.