Freespee Reads

In the past week, we’ve been really excited about the new releases from our Engineering team, who have added another set of powerful features to Freespee. Read about their awesome work and the great reads from the Marketing, Big Data and IoT world that engaged us in the past 7 days. We’d love to get your thoughts on these topics, and if we missed something interesting, do let us know in the comments below.

Product update: UTM sources, plugins and reporting

We know how important it is for you to get granular data about where on the web your customers come from. That’s why our engineers have worked hard to add more powerful features to Freespee.

A peek at the marketing technology stack of the future

A recent report on the marketing technology landscape from Scott Brinker, Co-founder and CTO of Ion Interactive and author of the Chief…

The Inbound Call: A Marketer’s Most Valuable Asset?

In a world dominated by Google AdWords and pay-per-click strategies, is there any real value in an old-fashioned phone call?

Big data in marketing: how to gain the advantage

With widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, you can accumulate ‘in-the-moment’ data that can help to develop truly personalised, relevant, real-time connections with your target audiences.

5 Tips for Succeeding with Your Marketing Automation

Here are five things we find crucial to succeeding with your new MAP: Process, Consensus, Content, Data and Community.
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