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This week’s #FreespeeReads is a bit special. We’re featuring two Freespee articles – a big announcement about our shiny and new Support portal, and Carl’s latest article on how important the customer journey data is for the small businesses for Is4Profit magazine. In addition to these, we’ve included the best articles on Big Data, Social Data and Marketing of the week.
Happy reading!
It was time for an upgrade. Welcome to the new Support!

A milestone in Support: We are making our communication with customers, partners and friends even easier moving forward by introducing the new

Is Graph Theory Key to Understanding Big Data?

In the short course of its existence, Google has become a part of our daily lives. The search giant has become nearly unavoidable, due…

Social Data Should Tell A Story

Big data – or just data in general – is a topic that marketers love to talk about. Working with data is also something easier said than…

The CMO’s Guide to Marketing Automation

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How Understanding the Customer’s Journey Can Benefit Your SMB

Carl Holmquist discusses why the customer journey is not what you think it is and how to maximise the effectiveness of your small business…