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Here at Freespee we love free and open source!
Our products are built using popular components, such as AngularJS, and we try hard to invest back into the community where possible.
Recently, we opened a Freespee github page, where our customers can find ready to use clients for the Freespee API in order to  get up and running quickly.

Freespee Reads: Your weekly digest from the world of marketing, big data, IoT and customer experience.

Our digest includes a roundup of everything hot in marketing automation, big data, the customer journey and IoT that you might have missed during the week. What else? It’s also very special for us, as we’re now a winner at the Smarta100 Awards. You can read the full announcement here, plus the latest from our engineering team – our new integration with Pipeline Deals CRM.

Freespee is winner at the O2 Smarta 100 Awards !

This week, and O2 Business’ announced that Freespee is winner at the Smarta100 Awards!

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For marketers, using the right tool to support customer retention is equally important to getting granular data about the events that lead…

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With $3bn invested, the advertising and marketing technology sectors are going through a stage of explosive growth.

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If implemented correctly, with enticing CTAs and educational and helpful downloads, marketing automation can help grow your business.

Product Update: Pipeline Deals CRM (PLD) plugin now available to help marketers understand the full customer journey

We’re adding Pipeline Deals CRM (PLD) plugin to help marketers get full understanding of the customer journey and for sales representatives to quickly asses the origin and engagement of website visitors that are calling the business, while they are talking to the customer.
This spring we started to add new powerful plugins to supercharge our marketers’ dashboards with data. From Marin Software to Appnexus and the Adobe Marketing Cloud, our customers’ dashboards are now enriched with Freespee data that helps them make better informed decisions.

For marketers, using the right tool to support customer retention is equally important to getting granular data about the events that lead to the sale itself. Hence, it’s logical that a link between the two processes is essential. User journey data is an integral piece of data to have at hand during the sales process, in order to better understand the customer and be able to close a deal.
By activating the Pipeline Deals plugin, our customers can now get call data integrated into their customer card, meaning that for every lead, they will now have detailed overview of the user’s customer journey directly in PLD.
Installing the Pipeline Deals plugin is very simple – visit our article on Freespee Support

Freespee is winner at the O2 Smarta 100 Awards !

Today, Freespee is celebrating and O2 Business’ announcement that our company is a winner in the 2014 O2 Smarta 100 list. This is a list of the UK’s top small businesses, featuring what have been named as the most disruptive, innovative and engaging companies.
We’re voted under the category of ‘Best use of Technology’ – in line with our goal to make sure every single interaction that an online consumer has with a business is valued. We turn the phone calls from online consumers into data events that matter to marketers, then we also route these events to hundreds of 3rd party marketing applications to automatically influence decision making.
Being listed on the Smarta 100 list is testament to the past 12 months of hard work, setting up our UK office from scratch. Our London office is now the Freespee HQ in what has become our biggest market, it’s fantastic that Freespee is now being recognised among other UK businesses from tech powerhouses and exciting start-ups on the Smarta 100 list.
We’ve combined hard work with luck during this first year of business in the UK. From this we’ve realised there are some causes in the world that demand our attention. If we were to win the Smarta Awards, we would donate all of the prize money to funds that make it possible for women in developing countries to set-up a business.
After a successful launch in London, we’re looking to grow our local teams further in Europe and to make a push into US.
Please vote for Freespee here.

Freespee and LeadDesk now cooperate to add call data into the online marketing equation

We’re proud to announce that we are now partnering with the leading Finnish call centre solution LeadDesk to give access to call data that also matters to online marketers and their existing tools.

The importance of having better knowledge about the customer journey in its entirety is now a must for call centres and call-intensive businesses in general, not only in order for conversion rate and ROI increase, but to also improve the user experience. Freespee helps LeadDesk customers get visibility into every point of the customer journey and connect the dots between the phone calls and the online customer activities, and also provides an advanced approach to decision-making in marketing.

You can read the full announcement here