Freespee Reads: Your weekly digest from the world of marketing, big data, IoT and customer experience.

Our digest includes a roundup of everything hot in marketing automation, big data, the customer journey and IoT that you might have missed during the week. What else? It’s also very special for us, as we’re now a winner at the Smarta100 Awards. You can read the full announcement here, plus the latest from our engineering team – our new integration with Pipeline Deals CRM.

Freespee is winner at the O2 Smarta 100 Awards !

This week, and O2 Business’ announced that Freespee is winner at the Smarta100 Awards!

How a CRM tool, linked with powerful data automation engine, feed marketers big data

For marketers, using the right tool to support customer retention is equally important to getting granular data about the events that lead…

The Future Of Marketing Combines Big Data With Human Intuition

Big data and technology are clearly revolutionising marketing. Gartner predicts that CMO’s will soon be spending more on IT than CIO’s.

The worlds of adtech and martech are about to collide

With $3bn invested, the advertising and marketing technology sectors are going through a stage of explosive growth.

Marketing Automation: Win More Business And Nurture More Leads

If implemented correctly, with enticing CTAs and educational and helpful downloads, marketing automation can help grow your business.