Product Update: Salesforce plugin

At the start of the new year, we launch a Salesforce plugin, which enriches phone calls with really valuable data, such as order value and purchased products. Salesforce has been one of the most requested integrations and we’re proud to inform you that the plugin is available as of today.
Anyone in charge of marketing in an organisation using the Salesforce CRM can now activate this new two-way data feed with the flip of a switch. It’s really that easy.
Salesforce is one of the largest CRM vendors, with customers within all industries. It has helped businesses transform consumers into customers across all digital channels for over 15 years and the powerful integration between Freespee and Salesforce means that now users can get even deeper customer behaviour insights.
The plugin adds Salesforce as a data destination to our growing list of 30+ data plugins. When a web-to-phone event takes place, Freespee delivers the digital data footprint of the caller to Salesforce in real time. This means you will be able to see the traces the consumer leaves on the web in the Salesforce interface even before you pick up the phone.

The integration works by synchronising your Salesforce account using the Caller ID of the caller. If a contact is found, the caller’s online footprint, or their the customer journey is added as a note to the contact.
For an even richer integration you can also choose to let Freespee create a new lead if no previous contact was found during the synchronisation.
The plugin also adds Salesforce as a data source, to enrich the inbound phone calls with in-call and post-call data, such as order value, what product customers ordered, what quantity, etc. The attribution of order values to specific callers is 100% automated. This will be checked periodically so even if a deal is closed months later you will still be able to see this in our Freespee Inbox, and roll it back to the first visit.

From a user perspective, this means that your sales organisation now gets full insight into the customer discovery process and could use this information to make more powerful, user-driven decisions.
One of our first customers trying the Salesforce plugin is active in the automotive sector. They discovered immediately that their sales organisation was able to assess customers’ needs better and identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities by using the Salesforce plugin, that bring them the digital background information about the customer calling them, such as the landing pages they visited. With order value attributed to the phone call, they could also start to benefit from more data-driven marketing, including revenue-driven bidding methods in their search advertising.
For more information please visit the full documentation at Freespee Support