Product Update: The new Freespee dashboard

The Freespee developers have just released the first version of our new user interface.
We are gradually moving from the old user interface to a completely new User Interface that will make the data activation process a lot simpler and even more effortless.
Let’s talk about some of the features you’ll find in this release:
3 new key metrics
Call through rate per device –  With this metric, you see which device drives most customer calls in correlation to the number of website visits from the same device. This will help you understand what is the behaviour of your customers. Do smart phone users call you more than desktop visitors?
Drop-off per device  – With this metric, you will be able to see what is the distribution of people who disconnected the call in less than 60 seconds. This will help you determine the quality of calls from visitors with different devices.
Call through rate per channel – With this metric, you will discover which media channels bring the highest quality prospects to your business. For example. you could see that Google SEM visitors are more prevalent to calling you, With this knowledge, you are able to make more data-driven decisions about your media spend.
The phone call has a very important role in customer acquisition. The data here might actually surprise you and make you reconsider your online strategy and how you drive traffic to your website.
We аre also gradually implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) that will help you spot anomalies in your data. This specific feature is something we will focus more time on in the next quarters, as our first trials using AI for data have proven to be very powerful to our customers.
Our vision is to take data driven marketing to a new level. For this, in our UI, we will continue to add more metrics to give marketers more insights into their customers’ online and offline journeys.
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