Freespee makes it to the European Tech 5 finals!

We are proud to announce that the The Next Web (TNW) has selected Freespee as one of the Top 5 fastest growing technology companies from Sweden. TNW announced the result last week and Freespee is now one of the finalists. The European Tech5 was launched by TNW in early February, the purpose of which is to identify the fastest growing technology companies in Europe and give them the limelight they deserve.
By making it to the finals of the European Tech5, Freespee has displayed its ability to understand the needs of an average marketer, convert it to a winning business solution. “Our vision is to make voice interactions more meaningful not only to a marketer but also to his customers.”, says Carl Holmquist, the Founder of Freespee.
A company that originated in Sweden, Freespee was founded by Carl Holmquist and Tobias Lindgren. We aim to build a platform that is insightful to a marketer to an extent that when a customer calls, the person answering knows who is calling, what he purchased last and what prompted him to call this time. This will make the voice call experience extremely relevant not only to the marketer but also to the customers; no wait time and no IVR! Our first step to fulfil this vision is Freespee; an intelligent data hub that not only collects information about a visitors’ online journey but also links it to the voice call. This data is then delivered to other third party applications that a marketer uses to complete the picture! In short, Freespee makes a marketer and his applications more informed leading to better decisions and higher ROI.
The results of the European Tech5 will be announced in early April and one winner from each country along with the runner up will be awarded a speaking slot at the TNW conference, to be held in Amsterdam on 24 and 25 April, 2015. While the top 5 finalists from each country have been selected by an independent jury, the winner from each country will be decided by public voting. If you are reading this article and believe in Freespees’ potential, please cast your vote now!
How to vote? Well, thats fairly simple. Just do it in the following simple steps

  • Visit the European Tech5 page.
  • Click on the ‘Vote’ button placed next to Freespee
  • You can cast your vote in three simple ways
    • Vote by entering your email Id
    • or vote using your Twitter account
    • or vote using your Facebook account
  • Please don’t forget to share this with everyone so that Freespee gets its place on that stage with TNW!