Freespee Feature Update – Contact Forms

When customers contact you, it means that they have most probably already done their research on your company and products and are well ahead in their buying decision. Hence, industry experts have always seen customers who are willing to contact, in whatever way they choose to, as very important leads. In such a situations it is most helpful if you can eliminate even the smallest obstacle that the customer can face to contact you. Your customers can now request to be called back at their convenience and all you need to do is use the Freespee Contact Form feature!
What is the Freespee Contact Form feature?
This feature will help you connect your existing or new online forms with automatic call back requests. By asking for a suitable time for call back, the Contact Form nested in the Freespee JavaScript will trigger a voice call to you and then connect you with the customer. Both calls are connected with Freespee sitting in between, to collect details like online user journey, call time, call duration etc. That’s how you can stay one step ahead in the lead qualifying process.
If a customers’ call doesn’t connect at the first attempt, then Freespee is programmed to attempt again before giving up. The maximum number of retries can be customised depending on your choice. So if you think two retries will be right for you, you can set that up with just a click.
How does this feature help?
For a customer this feature helps most when a phone is not at hand or it is not convenient for the customer to call you even if they would like to. The Contact Form feature will give your customers another option to contact you, which in the end means a higher probability for conversion. So if someone is browsing on a tablet or a laptop, a call back request can be very easily made using the contact form. The Contact Form feature can also help you collect more information about the caller including personal details and you can also get detailed call records along with the customers’ online journey. The Freespee API collects the call event, enriches it with visitor data and makes it visible in your Inbox. This takes you one more step closer to knowing your customers and their needs. Collect detailed information from your caller even before you answer the phone and speed up your leads management process.
Now that’s an interesting feature! Need more information? Please feel free to log on to the Freespee website to read more on Custom Forms. You can also visit Freespee Support for detailed technical information on how to setup this feature.
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