Product Update: Our App gallery grows again with three new additions!

If you have been reading our previous posts, you will know that Freespee aims to make voice conversations as meaningful as possible for you and your business. We don’t just aim to make web to voice data visible to your eyes but also to your regular 3rd party tools. We want phone calls made by visitors to receive the same treatment as form completions or shopping cart checkouts in your marketing automation tools. Hence, we aim to integrate with as many 3rd party marketing automation tools available, to make things easier for you.
This month we have three new additions to our ever-growing list of apps. Freespee integrates with these apps to ensure that they receive complete information including web to voice events.

– By integrating with Kenshoo, Freespee creates a unique closed-loop feedback mechanism between the online campaigns and the phone calls they generate. With this complete data, Kenshoo continuously optimises campaign bids to maximise the effectiveness of ad campaigns and the resultant conversions.
Millennial Media – Freespee continuously feeds Millennial Media with web to voice events ensuring that the app always receives complete and correct information. This enhances programmatic buying and other data driven decisions for Millennial Media giving you better ROI for the same investments.
Sizmek – The Freespee app for Sizmek ensures that that Sizmek not only takes clicks or form completions into account while making its data driven decisions, but also the phone calls made by visitors. With this app, Sizmek is able to take more efficient decisions for ad placements and campaign management.
Please visit our support page to get more details on how to activate the apps for Kenshoo, Millennial Media and Sizmek. Also look at our existing list of Freespee Apps that will help your tools make better data driven decision. If you would like to see an app that you are using on the Freespee list of apps, then email us on and we would be more than glad to help you.