Freespee Is Getting Smarter By The Day – Smart App Referrals!

You have been using the Freespee platform for while now and have also noticed quite a few changes. All our customers received the new platform very well and we have been getting a lot of good feedback. But our work doesn’t stop there. We are getting smarter – We now have the ability to recommend the best apps that you could use to ensure that you are putting the phone calls data to good use!

Now go back to the Freespee platform and check out the new widget –‘Apps That You Should Consider’! This smart widget suggests all the relevant apps that can make things work for you and your organisation. How does this feature help? For starters, what is the point of data if you don’t know how to use it or where to use it? You surely also don’t want a situation where you are using a third party marketing tool but don’t know that Freespee can integrate with it. We can see the visitors who call you and we also want to ensure that your tools see this too. So, when the Freespee platform detects a 3rd party tool, if the app is available, Freespee will recommend it in the widget. Go ahead and activate the suggested app and watch the magic of data when it is put to good use. We help you automate your entire data flow – now that’s really powerful and extremely helpful, isn’t it?

Activate the apps based on our recommendation – yes, you can do it yourself with just a couple of clicks! Our support platform has detailed articles on how to activate an app. You could also contact us for more details on any app that you are interested to activate.

We at Freespee have always tried to deliver more than you ask for. Yes, we do a really good job of collecting data for phone calls from your online visitors and making it visible to you; but we also integrate with a number of third party apps to ensure that this data is being put to good use. But we want to do more… way more than you expect! We want to go all the way to know you better and provide you fine-tuned and intelligent service wherever you are and whenever you want.

Freespee – Another step ahead to make voice more meaningful to your organisation!