Top 3 things you should consider next time you hear a phone ringing

You have your online marketing in place, your website looks great and you have great forms that are easy to fill! You even have a brand new e-Commerce software powering your self-serve business. But despite all this, your customers still want to talk to you and you need to employ dedicated people who like talking to customers. Considering that we live in an ‘online’ world where customers deal with automated softwares instead of real people, this could be a matter for serious consideration.
Interestingly enough, spoken language is the most powerful way of building a personal user experience and customer loyalty. Apple Inc. realised this and is designing physical stores where super friendly staff helps you through your decision process. You are not allowed to do anything yourself! It’s a brilliant user experience; you will always walk out with a happy smile and return to buy more of those awesome Apple products. Talking to customers is not a cost; I would call it an investment instead. Here are some reasons why some of the brightest shining stars among consumer brands are starting to pay more and more attention to online consumers who want to talk to them.

Data tells us that it’s time to rethink!

You think an online form submission gives you the most qualified leads? Think again, instead of keeping your sales team busy calling web-based leads, out of which most never answer, you should rather think about how you can make it easier for visitors to talk to you. You have to be available to your customer whenever, wherever. According to Salesforce, the conversion rate of calls is between 30 to 50 per cent, while web leads convert at 2 per cent. Our own customers agree that the probability of closing a sale on a phone call is 10 times higher than selling to a web-based lead.

Don’t give your customers a 20-year old user experience

When your customers call you all they get is a technology stack that is 20 years old. Your marketing team is on a completely different platform, using fantastic tools to create an out-of-the-world user experience for your customers. The result is an apparent disconnect between what the customer expects and what he gets. With so many customers contacting you, you surely want to re-think your leads management strategy and may be pay special attention to the leads that you get through phone calls.

Tomorrow promises more phone calls from customers!

Google demystifies the mobile surfer. It says that 75% mobile searches trigger follow-up actions that could be any one of the following – further research, store visit, phone call or a purchase. 55% of the conversion happens over the first one hour! Which means when the conversion is a phone call, it surely has a very high probability of conversion! When people use mobile search to help make a decision, they are 39% more likely to call you. With people spending more and more time on their smart phones, phone calls are going to be the preferred mode of communication for your customers very soon!
All this reinforces that voice is the next consumer interface you have to address when you plan your next generation online business strategy. It is definitely worth investing in a lead nurturing strategy for offline interactions resulting from your online initiatives!

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