AT Internet & TagCommander Added To Our List

Freespee is always working towards the ultimate goal of making voice more meaningful for you and your customers. In our endeavour to make voice interactions visible to your marketing tools, we are happy to introduce two new apps this month. Presenting the Freespee apps for AT Internet and TagCommander!

AT Internet

This solution offers all the features which are essential to carry out an advanced analysis of your audience as standard, by integrating specific business modules: e-Commerce tracking, multichannel campaign analysis, performance monitoring, rich media tracking, dash-boarding, data management (data import/export), etc. Coupled with Freespee, the AT Internet Web Analytics tool will analyse your visitors based on complete user interaction data that also includes data for phone calls collected and activated by Freespee.


Uplift TagCommander’s web analytics performance with data for phone calls provided by Freespee for detailed analysis of your online visitors and their effect on your marketing campaigns. Create an accurate customer journey that spans marketing channels and devices. Simply put, enhance your understanding of your websites conversion abilities by using Freespee and trace back the online footprints of visitors who interact with you offline.
Please visit our support page to get more details on how to activate the apps for AT Internet and TagCommander. If you would like to see an app that you are using on the Freespee list of apps, then email us on and we would be more than glad to help you.

Feature Update – New Widgets Added to Freespee

Freespee now comes with two more smart widgets to give you more insights about your visitors and their online journey before they call you.

Top Pages Leading to Phone Calls

This is the star of the dashboard. This widget lists the top pages that drive most number of phone calls. There are more than one ways to interpret the result on this widget. The widget tells you what is more interesting to your customers. If a page is not featuring on this widget then maybe you need to work on the content or just change the design of the page and add more visibility to phone numbers on that page. Couple the data on this widget with conversions and get a clearer picture of your top line and what is driving it. All in all, this new widget takes you closer to knowing your prospects.

Average Path Length

This is another amazing new widget! It tells you how many pages, on an average do your visitors click before they call. Again, this widget has more than one use. If the number indicated here is too low, then you might want to work on content on run an A/B test to see if you can pull the number up. Too many pages might be an indicator that the relevant data is too deep and can’t be obtained immediately.
Freespee is all about making voice more meaningful to your organisation and your customers. We hope that you have liked these new additions. Do write to for more information or just add a comment and one of us will be in touch with you.

How to use #Hashtags more effectively

My early memories of the pound sign or # sign was the button on the dial pad of my phone. Then came twitter and decided to give the hashtag a completely new meaning. Something as simple as a hashtag can make or break your social media campaign, especially on Twitter. Here are a few tips from #Freespee on how to effectively use hashtags.

Research before you release

Test the effectiveness of your hashtag by seeing what’s already out there. The last thing you want after working so hard on that perfect hashtag is to find it is already associated with something else. It’s fairly likely that whatever hashtag you choose will occasionally be interrupted by a random unengaged user talking about something totally different, however choosing a unique, yet relevant, hashtag for your brand ensures the spotlight remains on your business for the right reasons.

Create hashtags that are easy to remember

When choosing a hashtag, it’s important to make sure that your hashtag is easy for users to remember. With thousands of hashtags roaming the social media universe, the last thing a business wants to do is create a hashtag that is hard to spell or pronounce. Hashtags should be short, easy to pronounce and spell and give users a better idea about the topic of the conversation or tweet stream. At the same time don’t make your hashtag so generic that it would relate to everything under the sun. For example #2015 will have a very wide scope while #Thursday will have a very limited scope.

Used hashtags to categorise campaigns

When you upload social media content, use hashtags to further describe its purpose and the value it offers to its audience. For example, if your content relates to a topic like #fallfashion, or a #holidaysale, say so by including a hashtag. Hashtags can also be very effectively used to show the creativity of your marketing team. Look at Nike’s #betterforit campaign. Often paired with motivational quotes from athletes and gorgeous images on Nike Women’s Twitter feed, the #betterforit campaign drives users to the Nike app while also remaining true to Nike’s “train hard” athletic aesthetic.

Use hastags sparingly

#NeverUse #TooMany #Hashtags #In #the #SameMessage #ThisReadsLikeSpam
Yes, its does read like spam and will mostly go unnoticed or will be deleted. It is also annoying to read a message filled with hashtags. Stick to using not more than two hashtags for your message.

Use hashtags responsibly

Hashtagging trending topics to irrelevant Tweets to draw attention to yourself, or tweeting about everything trending to drive traffic to yourself is bad. Jumping on the bandwagon does not a trending hashtag make. Engaging in any of these bad Twitter habits could lead to a suspended profile and doesn’t provide a meaningful boost in your brand awareness. Behaving like a spammer will only attract spammers.
We hope that these tips have been useful to you. Do share your comments and suggestions with us.

Tip Of The Month: How To Invite New Users To Freespee

Did you know that you could invite users to view reports generated by Freespee? In an organisation, data sharing is very important so that there is complete visibility and transparency of activities and their results. Many times, one person only needs to view the data while another needs to process it further. It does get tedious when you have to pull out 5 different reports for the same data, to share it with all the people concerned. This feature is extremely helpful, not just to share data with people within your organisation but also with external contacts like an agency. When adding a contact, you can choose the rights that you wish to grant to this user and also select the level of data that you want to share.
If you have the write access to your account, you have the permission to add a user. The provision to add a new user to your account is available under the Settings menu. To add a new user, follow the simple instructions as mentioned below.

  1. Once inside the Settings tab, scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘New User’. This will expand into a form.
  2. Input an email address that belongs to the person you wish to add, as shown in the image.
  3. Choose whether or not to grant  write access to this user by clicking on the appropriate button as indicated in the image
  4. Select the kind of monthly report that you wish to share with this user by clicking the appropriate button. You can choose to share
    • No monthly reports at all
    • A short one page summary
    • Or a full extended version with complete source information
  5. Click on ‘Create User’ to complete.

On completing the above process, an automated email will be sent to the user on the email address, to complete the set up process. Freespee is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Your data remains available only to you and the people you choose to share it with. You can delete users or modify rights given to them anytime.
Go ahead and share data with people and make the information flow easily. We hope that you like the tip for this month. Please share your views with us by commenting on the post or just email for more information.