Feature Update – New Widgets Added to Freespee

Freespee now comes with two more smart widgets to give you more insights about your visitors and their online journey before they call you.

Top Pages Leading to Phone Calls

This is the star of the dashboard. This widget lists the top pages that drive most number of phone calls. There are more than one ways to interpret the result on this widget. The widget tells you what is more interesting to your customers. If a page is not featuring on this widget then maybe you need to work on the content or just change the design of the page and add more visibility to phone numbers on that page. Couple the data on this widget with conversions and get a clearer picture of your top line and what is driving it. All in all, this new widget takes you closer to knowing your prospects.

Average Path Length

This is another amazing new widget! It tells you how many pages, on an average do your visitors click before they call. Again, this widget has more than one use. If the number indicated here is too low, then you might want to work on content on run an A/B test to see if you can pull the number up. Too many pages might be an indicator that the relevant data is too deep and can’t be obtained immediately.
Freespee is all about making voice more meaningful to your organisation and your customers. We hope that you have liked these new additions. Do write to for more information or just add a comment and one of us will be in touch with you.