When you love Slack as much as you love talking to Customers!

slack and customers

Slack is awesome! Slack tells me what is going on in the Freespee cloud or what’s happening on the field in customer meetings. I can communicate with my colleagues and I can also see when a potential customer is engaging with us on our web, all thanks to Slack. All our core tools such as New Relic, Nagios, Phabricator, CRM etc. communicate with Slack in real time to provide me with information. I can even see if an online visitor chose to send us a request for more information, or sign up for our trial account, in real time. I simply love Slack!

As long as user or machine driven events are digital, I have complete control. As soon as the conversation moves into domain of spoken words, it vanishes from Slack. For our business, and most other businesses, there is nothing more rewarding than talking to a customer. Interacting with a real person, as against sending long email threads is both quick and has a higher sales probability. And yet, I cannot see this in Slack. Why is that?

The telecom stack is 20 years old and completely disconnected from the digital world. Your technology stack avoids online visitors who want to talk to you, even though these are your most potential buyers. These conversations are the most wonderful moments for those who want to grow their business., the star among online furniture start-ups, has decided that perfect service is about understanding the exact moment when you should put a customer in contact with a human being. That’s the next generation online business, staffing the web, for the ultimate personal experience.

Slack sits in the middle of everything we do at Freespee and that’s why I also want to see our spoken conversations in Slack. I want to know as much as possible about the caller, even before answering the phone call, in order to provide a first-class user experience.

We decided to build Freespee for Slack, another native App in our gallery of 3rd party tools that communicate with Freespee at the flip of a switch. Using Freespee, you can now see when a visitor calls your business, before answering the call. Your entire team sees it from anywhere, as long as they are a part of the Slack thread. Freespee for Slack is built for teams who love slack. This app belongs to those who love to talk to their customers and not just send them into the DIY funnel.