Three interesting facts about mobile searches

It is clear that mobile searches are growing at an exponential rate in popularity and value. But before you invest your time and money in targeting those smartphone users, it’s nice to know a few interesting facts.

A third of all mobile searches have a local intent

Google tells us that searches on the mobile phones have a 66% higher local intent than desktop searches. Interestingly, it’s also the other way round. With the location services enabled on the smartphone, Google always gives search results based on what is close to the user’s current location. A majority of these searches are meant to locate an address or to find a number to call.

Keep your payment collection machines handy

When you do receive a phone call from smartphone users, most of them already have their wallets out because they intend to buy. The purchase intent for mobile searches is significantly high with 70% of mobile searches leading to an action within the first hour. (Source:

Advertisers See a 6-8% Lift in CTR with Click-to-Call Extension

Click-to-call extensions are a tremendous benefit for both users and advertisers. Mobile users can get in touch with you quickly and easily, without writing down numbers or navigating cumbersome mobile sites. You as advertisers get better performing ads. As per Google, ads featuring the click-to-call extensions along with location extensions can see a 6-8% increase for click-through rates.
Interesting, isn’t it? So if you haven’t jumped on the mobile bandwagon yet, it’s time you did. And while you do so, make sure that you are part of all online and offline conversations! Stay tuned to Freespee for more!