Close the gap in your customer data with our new apps for comScore and Tradedoubler

Whether you are serving ads for retargeting your customer or just plainly analysing the activity of visitors on your website, you cannot ignore phone calls that these activities drive. That’s where Freespee comes into the picture. Check out our new apps that integrate seamlessly with comScore and Tradedoubler to capture and optimise online marketing based on complete conversion data.

ComScore provides you holistic data that helps you analyse the real online actions that matter. With Freespee plugged into your comScore panel, you actually travel all the way from online to offline. Phone calls are no longer ignored and with a unique number served to each user, your analytics moves to a whole new level. In other words – It’s complete!

Tradedoubler handles the distribution of multiple ads across publishers and sites, optimising to ensure that the most effective ads are served most frequently. Freespee ensures that this optimisation is based on both online and offline conversion. This Freespee app serves unique phone numbers to your online viewers and injects the data for all phone call conversions back to Tradedoubler for uplifted ad performance.

You can activate these apps with the flick of a switch and results are almost immediate. For more details please visit our apps gallery or alternatively log into our  support section to learn more. You can also send in your suggestions for apps that you would like to use at and our engineering team will be more than happy to develop them for you.