Bold voice strategies from Verisure and Rentify

This month, we celebrated one year with the Freespee App for Optimizely. This App enables marketers to perform variation testing for onsite/inApp communication channels, that turn more visitors into customers. When we first launched this Freespee App, we were very excited to learn what impact it would have on web site design. How the next generation marketers could actively test variations of person-to-person communication into the Call To Action design, and get real time feedback in the dashboard. The online commerce we know today is very point & click oriented. For communication, we push text interfaces like forms and web chat. When we launched our App for Optimizely, marketers could start to embed Voice as a communication CTA in the variation testing.
Now, one year after, we can see the impact this Freespee App has on our customers Web UX. It’s beyond any expectation, it’s dramatic! Voice is becoming a primary CTA in mobile design, and a distinct fall back CTA in desk top design. Bold brands, like Verisure and Rentify, are making sure the visitor is invited to talk to them at any moment. But, without using intrusive & annoying PoP Up windows. Plain, simple and clean design, that makes sure the visitor can equally easy choose to point and click, or talk to them.

We’re thrilled to be able to part of rethinking web site design, Call To Action design, and our common understanding of online user behavior. Verisure and Rentify converts 2x more visitors into customers than the average web site we have ever come across in the respective industry. But it takes a bold marketing team to move into this direction.
There’s a ton of work we can still do better, but we have added Freespee Apps for the most commonly used A/B testing platforms by our clients during the last 12 months, like Optimizely, Visual Web site optimiser and A/B tasty. And more are in our engineering back log, soon to be released and available for your usage.