Bridge the gap between your doubleclick advertising and customer conversations

Today DoubleClick is announcing a new API and integration with Freespee

This will allow Freespee customers to securely pass their call and text conversions to DoubleClick and tie them back to their display and video advertising activities. To place this into context for non-Freespee customers and users of DoubleClick Digital Marketing:

  • At the moment you are driving traffic to your site through various display advertisements
  • But, after arriving on your site and browsing for a period, what happens when your visitors decide to call you instead of completing the form

Your customers decided it was best for them to continue their journey offline, so your digital metrics now don’t show the complete picture. You’re left with only a partial understanding of your campaigns true performance and these customers have effectively disappeared.

But with Freespee and DoubleClick we can now give you visibility over these customers. We offer you the knowledge you need to understand what impact your digital activities are having across all of your customers call and text based conversations. Providing you with the metrics you need to understand which campaigns, ads and inventory are driving your audiences to convert both digitally and offline.
With Freespee data inside your Doubleclick account, you now have the conversion data you have been waiting for to correctly segment and target every converting customer no matter what channel they used to contact you. 
Our customers have been successfully using our Doubleclick Search integration and we are now happy to announce we can offer the same for DoubleClick Digital Marketing.

The advantages of Freespee

Working with Freespee and DoubleClick offers you the chance to build a personalised advertising strategy that spans a customer’s digital and offline journey.

  • Complete audience profiles of both digital and offline converting customers
  • Segment and identify your high value audiences
  • Re-engage with your customers with personalised ads based on their shopping behaviour

Getting started

The DoubleClick Digital Marketing integration is now live and available to all existing and new Freespee customers. To find out more, contact us to schedule a demo.