Conversational Commerce Will Drive Inbound Marketing Dominance

Conversational commerce through the Freespee cloud

So far this week we have been painting the picture around the conversational commerce space, the channels, the opportunities and some of the players. All in all, its setting a scene that seeks to affirm the internet and the mobile consumer are in charge and they expect multi-device, instant-response methods of communication with brands.

A refreshing change of direction for both sides

Marketing and advertising is rampant with one-way push monologue. Conversational commerce is the massive shake up for brands because businesses and marketers will have to realise it’s finally time we actually let our consumers have a conversation with us… and the future is inbound. The ability to successfully “Monitor, manage and personalise communication experiences for your customers” through your inbound conversational interfaces.

Survival will be those who adapt and realise change is with the next wave

Can brands continue to consider themselves “customer focused” who offer a form, a 7 minute IVR queue, or call routing that takes their customers off into the ether where they have no visibility or control over whether they were were even answered, the consumer’s goals were achieved, or customer service. 

This will flip the marketing funnel upside down

The communication stack is now finally being opened through the inbound channels. Consumer conversational interfaces (text & voice) previously used for personal 1:1 communication are now being integrated into the marketing stack to offer the same level of personalisation and real-time interaction you would come to expect in a non-business context. With the increase in the opportunity and availability to have conversations with your consumers across multiple touch points, it will be those who deliver the best experience during and after the conversation that succeed. Not who spend the most on advertising.

Lessons learned from the traditional inbound marketing stack

If there is a massive learning brands should take from this, especially customer success, CRM and data-driven marketers is, not to let the same silo’s and lack of integrations become the next barrier to success. The traditional inbound channels are already routing your customer conversion and conversation data into separate solutions and databases, some of which you control and others you don’t.

Freespee solves this for enterprise brands with a channel agnostic approach

We provide our customers with a software layer that sits between your customers and every inbound conversational interface across:

Calls (voice)
SMS (text)
Chat (text)
Forms (text)
App messages (text)

Freespee is an interface agnostic solution that offers marketers one platform so they can be at the centre of their customers conversations… where they should be.

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