Conversational commerce, now, in the Google stack

Telling and selling is over, the conversation arrives
So with conversational commerce and the scene set let’s take it back a step and place this into a deliverable context that’s available right now. How can you be making the most of your customers conversational data for marketing.
Three huge areas…. being blunt.
Display advertising, Search advertising and Website analytics, and we have three plug-and-play real-time integrations with Google for you.

Google Doubleclick – Supercharge your display
Our users take advantage of our plug and play Doubleclick real-time integration to make sure they see any customer conversation event alongside their display and video advertising campaigns. We help our customers make sure Doubleclick can act on any type of customer engagement, i.e checkout, chat and phone calls. Freespee data offers businesses the ability to prospect for new audiences on more than just the traditional checkout event, and delivers re-targeting of customers that showed high purchase intent through chat or the phone.

Google Doubleclick Search – Enhance every campaign
In the same vein as Doubleclick, we offer our customers a plug and play Doubleclick search real-time integration that places customer communication events alongside their search advertising campaigns. Down to the keyword, Freespee users know what campaign influenced their customers to enter into a conversation. Knowing the outcome of the conversation provides insight into developing keyword strategies that are optimised to acquire traffic suited to business goals.

Google Analytics – Add your missing audiences
Conversion optimisation is a hot topic, how do we get more out of what we have, and with Google recently announcing a free website a/b testing solution, they are trying to make it even easier for you to optimise the digital experience for your visitors. Synchronising the Freespee conversation cloud with your Google 360 account empowers you to see your visitors and how communication events for various visitor experiments influence your online sales. As Freespee is agnostic to the conversational interface the customer chooses to use, you can manage the data from all of your customers conversation threads across voice and text in one platform.

Freespee offers advertising campaigns responsive to customer conversations
Conversational commerce represents an evolutionary step forward from both a traditional outbound acquisition and retention marketing focus. This is why our customers choose Freespee.. Conversational data is of strategic importance in staying ahead of the market and competitors.
Unless you have complete visibility and control over every inbound conversational event, you are a passive business in understanding holistically your customers behaviour, motivations, and how your brand is servicing your customers.
Our vision is to place marketers at the centre of every customer conversation and give them the power to improve experiences on a global scale.