Speak to them before your competitor does…

How many times have you said it to your team: meeting customer expectations is the most important part of a successful business.
You constantly need to be on your A-game if you want brand ambassadors that line-up outside your door.
In recent years, traditional sectors have taken a leaf out of the retail industry’s book. Customers experience more tactile, supportive experience that reflects real life experience. Brands like Apple have clearly defined what their customers expect from different touchpoints and have succeeded in turning visitors into customers and customers into passionate ambassadors.

Happy Apple campers waiting for the iPhone 6 release… are your customers waiting in line for your next release? Google/Newslocker

You and your team work had to attract, convert and retain customers. In an ideal world, you’d treat all these customers the same. But… they aren’t the same, are they?

Your business exists to hit it’s goals and there are certain types of customer that will help you achieve this over others.

So why are you still treating all your calling customers the same?

This use case focuses specifically on calling visitors who have searched for a competitor or have used specific industry keywords.

These visitors are already engaged and aware of your competition, so are a key audience for your brand.

This makes it imperative to give them the very best customer experience.
They might have called competitors but were put on hold and decided to abandon, or they couldn’t get in touch in the first place, leading them to try other options from their search results.

Playing on psychological triggers and converting a customer who’s had a negative experience with your competitor means you’re more likely to earn their loyalty and, in time, turn them into brand or product ambassadors. They tend to rate the quality of the service higher than average and are much more likely to recommend the brand in question to their peers.
Freespee can help you identify those calling visitors that searched for a competitor or for specific high value keywords, segmenting them away from the rest of your audience. They can then be prioritised over others or routed to agents that specialise in competitive wins.

It’s super simple (although our Customer Success Managers are on hand to help). As always, there’s a demo video above but here’s a breakdown of the steps:

    1. Go to the Segments section and choose the criteria ‘UTM Parameter’. Specify ‘UTM Campaign’ in the second drop down list.
    2. Set the comparator to ‘is’ and in the next field specify the name of the campaign you set up in GA with the keywords you’re bidding against – i.e ‘my_campaign’.
    3. Once the segment is set up, create the workflow within the Recipes section.
    4. Search for the Advanced Assignment rule and ‘Add a New Rule’ for the segment you just created.
    5. Define the department or specialist team the calls will be routed to and decide how the calls will be distributed (broadcasted or cascaded).

Any visitor matching this segment will be assigned to one of your specialist agents.

We’re confident this will increase your sales conversion rate by delivering great CX and likely, earn a few great brand ambassadors along the way.

Next week

We’ll be looking into how you can route calls based on geolocation. This use case will be useful for those with multiple locations that take regional calls – potentially from the ‘find your local branch’ type landing page.

As always, if you’re interested in trying these new features, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager. If you are unsure who that is, please email

If you are not a Freespee customer yet, please email to book a demo.