The Meghan Markle Effect: Luxury Brand’s Call Volume Skyrockets

The Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have cost over £30 million but its expected to generate much more than that even now. The previous nuptials of Kate and William in 2011 brought a reported £2 billion to the UK economy and this recent event could produce even more. As a brand, the younger royals are on fire.

This focus is placed primarily on the Duchesses, Kate and Meghan. Both have a knack for wearing a piece of high-end clothing or jewellery that sells out soon afterwards. Their power as influencers is something luxury brands are desperate to align themselves with.

Meghan’s wedding dress was from design house Givenchy, which according to Influencer DB gathered a massive amount of attention from the public over the royal wedding weekend. “The brand was mentioned 3,002 times and generated 12,234,710 likes on Instagram, meaning that its earned media coverage sat at around £2.1 million,” writes Harper’s Bazaar via Influencer DB.

The dress wasn’t the only thing on her person that packed a commercial punch during that weekend. The Duchess was also sporting diamond earrings and a bracelet from a certain French luxury goods conglomerate. It was these pieces, which had company phones ringing off the hook.

Freespee data shows that Meghan had a stellar effect on the number of calls coming into a luxury brand in the United Kingdom. The Germany branch saw a similar spike. Diagrams below show roughly what we like to call, “The Meghan Effect.”

Via: Harper’s Bazaar