Your Inbound Leads Suck And How To Fix Them

Outbound marketing is easy, it’s about the chase, mass emails and cold calls. Inbound leads can be a little more difficult, how do you draw them in? Yet when they do arrive there is a tendency for marketing teams to send the whole gamut down the funnel to sales. This results in frustration from the commercial side of a brand. Wasting time sifting through cold leads to find warm ones isn’t ideal and adds to the miscommunication marketing and sales teams tend to struggle with.

What can be done? It’s down to balancing both the outbound and inbound lead influx, sending qualified leads down the funnel and finding the right technology to do that. Rome wasn’t built in a day but there are platforms out there that can be.

Here’s how.

Qualifying inbound leads

Lead to prospect to customer is the journey of every final sale. It all starts with a qualified lead and for marketing, those are the only ones worth sending to sales teams.

Scoring these leads does not have to be painstaking, use profiling to create a more in-depth impression. Digital profiling collects data from every visitor interaction and creates custom identifiers such as geolocation, clicks, browsing behaviour, etc. When leads do reach out, its easier to determine whether they have the potential to become a customer and to nurture them further until they do.

Using calls

When someone calls to find out about a service, they usually show more interest than a form filler. Phone calls come from those further down the sales process, BIA/Kelsey data, “also indicate that 66 per cent of SMBs (small-medium businesses) consider phone calls the most valuable form of incoming leads.” Use call data to fill the gap in lead management by attributing qualified leads coming from calls to marketing campaigns.

Seeing the big picture

Lead generation in this digital landscape is wide terrain full of multiple campaigns, targeting and relationship building. Consolidating every part of this process to form a clear, long-term strategy is possible with investment in technology that can do the heavy lifting and collaborate easily with a human workforce.

Knowing the best times, locations, industries and audiences to target can save time, money and resources. If your inbound leads suck then make some tweaks to how you approach leads overall and see the results.

Via: BIA/Kelsey