What Is Call Whisper And Why Do You Need It?

Whisper messaging or Call Whisper is a customisable feature found in cloud communication software. Whispers are voice messages played at the beginning of a customer call. It can lay out a quick caller context for the agent so that they are able to immediately address the issue at hand, it can also indicate what kind of device someone is calling from, i.e. mobile or landline. On the caller side, it eliminates the need for a series of repeated questions and frustration.

Why we like it

Using a whisper feature is an intelligent way of keeping connected to callers and is an added method used to measure the impact of campaigns. Whisper messages are connected to call tracking software and can identify the caller, the campaign they arrived from and any other relevant information before speaking to an agent. This helps agents significantly because it can prioritise calls based on this context.

Who it works well for

Any company running a large number of campaigns that need to prove ROI. A good example of this is the marketplace model, proving to marketplace partners that a call came to them due to marketplace advertising can be difficult.

A call whisper can be set up to help prove to partners that the marketplace they are selling through is driving calls to them and creating value.

How does it work?

With Freespee, adding whisper to your setup is as follows:

  1. Start by opening a ticket letting us know that you want to add a whisper. How to create a ticket?
  2. Attach the sound file to this ticket. Please note that the format of the sound file should be 8000hz mono uncompressed WAV 16-bit.
  3. We will also need to know if you want the message to be played for the person calling or the person answering the call.
  4. Finally let us know if you’d like the whisper to be played on all numbers, static and dynamic or if you only want them to be played on selected static numbers. What is a Source?
  5. Send us the ticket. Please note that unless anything else is agreed Freespee will invoice the standard hourly fee for ongoing changes. Estimated work time for administration and implementation of a whisper message is 1 hour.
  6. We will get back to you as soon as the whisper message is added to your account.