Experiment: Does “Click-to-call” Improve Call Quality?

The customer is in the insurance industry and website visitors are invited to call an agent in their contact center.

What would you expect to happen:

  • Will the number of calls go up or down?
  • Will the call be more valuable or less?

On the one hand, it would seem obvious that adding an extra step to reveal a phone number adds friction. So surely that would deter some people and reduce the number of callers? Maybe the people who do call are more likely to buy.

On the other hand, psychologists tell us that people making micro-commitments are more likely to follow that up with a bigger commitment. So maybe that means visitors will be curious to see what is behind the button, and then — to be consistent — call that number.

Let the data decide.

The Experiment

The customer’s original call to action just displayed the phone number. This was our control that we compared to three alternative treatments. The treatments hid or partially hid the phone number until the visitor clicked on a button.

The experiment ran for a week and 11,600 unique website visitors sessions were randomly and evenly split across the four versions.

Result 1: Call Quantity

Hiding the phone number, increased the number of calls over 1 minute by 11%. Partially hiding the phone number, decreased the number of calls by 24%.

Result 2: Call Quality

The customer knew that calls over 1 minute were people most interested in buying. So we analysed the calls over 1 minute as a way to measure call quality.

Partially hiding the phone number, had almost no effect on the number of calls over 1 minute.

Hiding the phone number, increased the number of calls over 1 minute by 32%.


For this insurance customer, adding a “Click-to-call” button is beneficial. There is a very high level of confidence that both the quantity and quality of calls are higher.

There is an additional benefit. Only showing Freespee dynamic phone numbers to visitors that click the button is much more efficient. Numbers are only allocated numbers to the visitors who have shown an interest in calling.

Your results may vary. Even if it seems counter-intuitive to you, try this experiment for yourself and see for yourself what effect “Click-to-call” will have.