Do You Need To Update Your Lead Management Tools?

Creating healthy relationships with a large pool of digitally-led customers can be difficult to tackle, but lead management systems are making leaps and bounds.

According to Inside Sales, “Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.” When future proofing your lead management system which tools should stand out above the rest to ensure a rapid conversion?

Is there enough automation?

Using the time to individually qualify each lead by sifting through resources is a waste of it. Automation has revolutionised how leads are processed, allowing sales and marketing teams to create customised interactions with prospects, without the need for manual involvement. It works by removing any roadblocks during the conversion stage using workflows to shorten the sales cycle and target audiences with accurate data.

What about segmentation?

Segmentation is simply a process that defines who receives the appropriate information and when. Integrating a segmentation process into a CRM is a benefit to any brand because it organises pools of data in a way that creates trends and patterns while also eliminating silos.

Is there a customisable option?

Every company has a mode of operation that differs from another, it’s important that a lead management system has customisable features in its arsenal. An efficient setup would be able to scale according to demand and adapt workflows and other features specific to a company’s needs.