What Is Self-Qualification And When Do Customers Hate It?

Self-qualification in a sales/marketing sense simply means a lead that wants to inform themselves by doing individual research without prompts and nurturing through targeted campaigns and follow-ups.

These days, buyers have a very varied path-to-purchase with a huge consideration stage involving multiple channels, comparisons, peer reviews, searches and sharing.

An example of this would be a real estate prospect’s experience. They will visit multiple property portals online before settling on an agency or a collection of properties they want to pursue. According to Inside Real Estate “90% of all home buyers start their home search online, and are more likely to communicate via the web.”

For a brand, knowing, when to step in and bring them over to your side, is down to how the data (acquired from touch points along the way) is analysed. Customers will call or reach out when they need you. The onus is on a brand to make sure there is enough relevant and targeted content within that time period.

When customers call

At this point, customers have researched and settled on options. The calling process should be as smooth at the online journey. However, often the calling process for customers is rife with IVR issues and the kind of self qualification they don’t like, which involves a myriad of numbers to press and drawn out call queues.

In summary, the best self qualification is the one where customers feel empowered and informed about a brand on their terms, with helpful and targeting care along the way.

The kind they hate? An outdated IVR process that requires them to do all the work to close a sale.