This Is The Most Popular Channel For Luxury Buyers

Approche Sur Mesure group (ASM), the French Customer Service Centre specialising in luxury brands, recently published the 2018 benchmark of their 70 luxury and premium brands using 2,746,898 contacts.

Standing out from their data is the fact that despite e-commerce representing half those researched, the phone remains the most popular channel used by luxury customers.

ASM found that 53 per cent of their buyers choose to dial in over all other modes of communication including chat, email and social media.

There are multiple reasons both psychological and monetary as to why buyers prefer to hear a human voice, consumers attach emotion to goods that are considered more expensive because they are associated with social values.

“We will often purchase luxury items to show off to or gain acceptance from others and to reward ourselves for an accomplishment,” writes Investopeida.

The more money involved means higher stakes and due the steadfast perception that robots will mess up, it’s easier to relate to a human when both money and emotions are invested in a purchase.  

In addition to these findings, the group noticed an increase in customer complaints and pre-purchase calls. According to Approche Sur Mesure founder François-Xavier Poels, “this represents an opportunity for brands to catch up, to retain or convert new customers.”