Freespee Data Studio

Turn big data into accurate business insights

Freespee Data Studio visualises the entire customer journey, combining data from every step, online and offline. This closed-loop view enables you to connect customer journey to leads and revenue, whilst gaining accurate insight into:

  • The performance of your marketing campaigns and measurement of conversion success; from visitors to prospects and leads to customers.
  • The number of attempted calls, successful calls, and missed opportunities.
  • Call attribution based on keywords extracted from conversations.
  • Revenue attributed to leads; quantifying the value of missed opportunities and identifying the areas for business growth.

Data Studio is an easy to use, flexible deep-dive reporting tool designed to help you gain better business insights, faster and easier. A variety of data filters enable deep data customisation while templates make it faster to gain access to data once a report has been built. Explore your business by adding on-the-go criteria to your analysis. The possibilities are endless.

Take buyer journey analysis to the next level:

  1. 2.5X data: For every call, you can now use 50 data points including: lead value, keywords extracted from call conversations, and outbound activity.
  2. Semantics: activate Speech to Text to add semantics and context to the customer journey. As you build reports, you can listen to individual call recordings to immediately validate findings.
  3. Lead value: activate Offline Conversion Import and connect sales revenue to the entire customer journey. This helps you accurately attribute revenue or other important milestones such as candidate CVs, appointment bookings, or test drives to leads. Identify revenue leakage points, attribute missed conversions, and forecast ROI more accurately.
  4. Faster: templates make it faster and easier for you to build reports. Save reports and Freespee will automatically update them overnight. Preview reports in real-time, and download them faster than ever.

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