Speech Analytics

Freespee Speech Analytics captures keywords from phone conversations to help you attribute calls to marketing efforts and accurately predict callers’ intent.

Our speech analysis solution is easy to activate and will enable you to start tagging and attributing calls immediately.  Accurately anticipating your callers intent will help you create better call routing workflows, prioritise high-value leads and even attribute missed calls.

Some of the benefits of using Speech Analytics include:

• Validate intent prediction settings. Segment your audience based on their online journey behaviour, use speech insights to validate and improve your segmentation and lead management rules.

• Reach 100% correct attribution. Combine audience segmentation and call insights to attribute calls, including missed calls.

• Optimise your operational activities. Minimise low value calls by improving online marketing messaging to allow agents to focus on high value callers.

• Create improved lead management strategies. Use call insights that prioritise revenue driving leads by creating tailored workflows for sales and service calls.