How We Can All Learn From Lost Luggage

Written by our Head of Product, Jeremy Hamill-Keays

A friend of mine posted a photo from a recent trip to our “lads” Facebook group. His airline took his, and just about everyone else’s, cabin bags and put them in the hold. The reason, they announced, was the lack of room in the cabin overhead bins. As you can see from the picture below, the flight took off with the cabin storage nearly empty. Needless to say, my friend made it to his destination, his bags didn’t, and the particular airline didn’t exactly get a high NPS from him.

But, is the poor customer experience in the example above confined to flights? If you look closely, you will see this situation replicated throughout your everyday life. 

Each day, millions of people visit websites looking for information or to make a purchase. Still, the majority of people buying something who have a question, prefer to call the relevant company. Data shows that 54% of visitors prefer to speak with an agent than type in a web chat, a figure that will keep on growing, especially as the mobile phone has become the main device used for web browsing.

The web visitor, becomes a caller, and is then routed through an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu system, an automated process that provides a never-ending list of destination options. IVR menus are unpopular with callers, causing many of them to abandon, and many reporting the dial-in options are unclear. After pressing the required digits, the caller is then connected to an agent, who starts the conversation with a long list of questions to understand the query and provide the required help. 

If this customer journey was a flight somewhere, it would be equivalent to having to take multiple flights, instead of a direct flight. We would be required to check-in our hand-luggage only to have it get lost at every flight transfer. Maybe this is the way forward to combat climate change, but as an experience is it not one any of us would aspire to. 

At Freespee, we like direct flights and we like to ensure the luggage arrives to the destination with you. Great service relies on quickly helping a customer finish a purchase or get the answer to a query. Many web chat systems now send the web visitors’ browsing session information, also referred to as online context, to the agent in the chat. However, when it comes to the phone channel, many people assume there is little that can be done. However, there is absolutely something that can be done and by taking some simple steps you can vastly improve the customer experience.

As an example, a person who has completed an order form but is stuck on the payment page is most likely calling to complete the order. Freespee uses the information from the web journey, the caller’s online context, to predict their intent and automatically route this particular call straight to the high-value sales queue, completely removing the need for an IVR. This seamless call experience removes friction for customers, while it helps agents exceed their sales targets and glow with success.

Here at Freespee, we have been helping our customers accelerate sales opportunities in this way for many years.

The functionality doesn’t just stop at removing the IVR. Agents can be shown, in real time, the caller’s online context, which helps turn painful interrogations into pleasant conversations. This personalisation promotes great customer service and delivers a highly individualized buying experience. Agents are also happier and far more engaged with the caller. Customers remain loyal and NPS scores benefit.  

The final upside is shorter average call handling times (AHT). Some of our customers have reduced AHT by almost 50% and have cut costs massively by no longer having to ask questions.

Freespee has several implementations to allow predictive routing and context to be shown to agents, so regardless if your current solution in old or new, or if you want a new softphone solution, our team will be happy to help you.

Want to learn more about our sales acceleration features? Take a look here. Happy landings all.