Total Direct Energie Benefits from Voice Data

At VoiceTech Paris yesterday, Total Direct Energie gave a fascinating talk explaining how they have been using voice data over the last four years.

François Rommel, Head of Analytics at Total Direct Energie explained how combining voice data and website data has given them a greater understanding of customer behaviour.

This follows on from the great presentation Amina Chaabane, Head of Digital Sales B2B and Caroline Launois-Beaurain, Head of Global Omnichannel Sales Tools at Club Med, gave “Phone: The Best Sales Channel for Club Med.”

Visibility of Customer Journeys

Total Direct Energie could use traditional web analytics tools to see how customers came to their website, the pages they visited, and online sales conversions.

However, over 50% of sales were completed during phone calls, so Total Direct Energie were only able to see part of the picture. 

By tying every sales call into a web visitor session, they were able to understand:

  • Which digital advertising campaigns were driving sales calls.
  • The overall customer experience for online and offline.
  • Deeper insight into customer behaviour.

Between 2015 and 2019, more and more people became aware they could easily switch energy providers and the market became much more competitive. During this time the number of Total Direct Energie customers rose from under 1 million to 4 million.

Transformation Journey

François Rommel led the process through a number of stages, each time using data to guide the way forward.

To get full data visibility of online and offline behaviour, he implemented Freespee with Google Analytics integration. Since then, they have progressively improved visibility into customer journeys and enriched their audience targeting.

A/B Testing Increases Calls 10%

An early experiment challenged the effectiveness of the special 4-digit phone numbers that Total Direct Energie typically used in marketing campaigns.

Common sense would suggest that dialling 4-digits is going to be easier than dialling a regular 10-digit phone number. But after some careful A/B testing, François Rommel proved that regular phone numbers actually boosted calls by +10%.

It is thought that some people were reluctant to dial an unusually short phone number.

Identifying High-Quality Sales Calls

Identifying which web visitors were calling proved useful, as there were many cases where looking at web analytics data on its own could be misleading.

For instance, it may seem that a web visitor had lost interest and exited. But really, they had just switched channel by picking up the phone and calling Total Direct Energie.

This often happens when customers have lots of questions or feel the purchase is complex. Speaking to a human is fast, efficient, and reassuring.

Understanding there was a call is useful. However not all phone calls are equal.

Customers will call on many issues including support calls and for simple, quick questions. Careful analysis revealed the types of call that were ‘good’ calls:

  • How long was the call? If it was too short, it could not be a successful call.
  • What drove the call and which web pages did they visit before calling?

Knowing which calls were high-quality sales calls meant Total Direct Energie could more accurately:

  • Predict people’s intent before they even called.
  • Identify and optimise successful marketing campaigns.
  • Build more effective retargeting audience.
Read “Predicting Caller Intent” for reasons why more companies are looking to understand caller intent before the call.

Using Offline Revenue for Online Targeting

Total Direct Energie use sophisticated digital marketing for customer segmentation, including segmenting customers before they visit the Total Direct Energie website.

They develop lookalike audiences to identify people with similar characteristics to previous customers, so they know which advertising campaigns are most likely to be effective for them.

Where the customer journey is purely digital, they can use cookies and digital ids end-to-end to tie visitors to advertising platforms, web visitor sessions, and conversions on Total Direct Energie’s internal systems.

To make this work for all customer journeys, Total Direct Energie needed to integrate offline phone call data into their online data, by:

  1. Tying customer transactions in Total Direct Energie’s CRM system to the specific phone call with that customer. 
  2. Tying that specific phone call to the digital ids used by the sophisticated range of marketing and advertising technologies they use including Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Content Square.

By ‘closing the loop’ Total Direct Energie can optimise their marketing to focus on the campaigns and audience that drive the most revenue.

Using Content Square enables a much richer understanding of the customer’s journey and how to improve the usability experience. This helps improve the effectiveness of the website for the customer types likely to purchase, encouraging them to sign up online or over the phone.

You can read through the presentation Total Direct Energie gave here, in French.