Phone: The Best Sales Channel for Club Med

On the last day of VoiceTech Paris, we attended another great presentation by Amina Chaabane, Head of Digital Sales B2B and Caroline Launois-Beaurain, Head of Global Omnichannel Sales Tools at Club Med, the luxury, all-inclusive holidays firm. 

During the presentation, Amina and Caroline focused on 3 key points:

  • Their omnichannel strategy, which is driven by voice.
  • The transformation of their customer experience.
  • How media attribution is contributing to revenue growth.

Omnichannel Strategy

For many years, the luxury travel industry has operated ‘offline’. Holiday packages and services have been promoted through booklets, specialised magazines, non-digital advertising, and by the agencies themselves.

All the heavy-lifting was done by agents, who also recommended or influenced options, and completed the final booking. 

With the digital world quickly taking over, customers are also expecting a full service to be available ‘online’. Companies are being forced to integrate digital marketing and online processes with their traditional ‘offline’ customer-facing processes to secure growth and provide the high service levels customers expect.

In the breakout session, Amina Chaabane presented Club Med’s digital transformation process, which was launched in 2016. This initiative stems from Club Med’s international strategy to upscale their business.  

Analysing the Customer Journey – Insights into Customer Behaviour

After extensive analysis that combined data from customers’ online and offline journey with data from Club Med’s CRM system, results showed that:

  • Customer journeys were complex and involved multiple touch-points. 
  • Most customer journeys included at least one phone call.

As a result, Club Med launched their omnichannel strategy. The primary focus is voice, as customers chooses phone calls as the main communications channel for sales.

The Power of Contextual Information

The unique opportunity that voice creates, to engage with customers and influence purchase decisions, has inspired the creative ‘juices’ of many voice technology providers.

During VoiceTech we heard many technology providers and customer firms who have developed sophisticated solutions to dissect conversations and gain insights. They have been using voice technology to understand intent, instructions, sentiment, and outcomes to improve understanding after phone calls. 

Club Med collect all the data from customers online and offline journey to predict intent, which has enabled them to influence the customer experience at every stage of the buying process.

Remove the IVR to Increase Sales

Visibility over every customer journey uncovered the first area for Club Med to address — their interactive voice response system (IVR).

Their IVR system, used to route callers to the right agent, was losing many sales opportunities. The unpopularity of IVR was causing many callers to hang up, before talking to an agent.

After running an A/B test, Club Med decided to remove the IVR and use predictive routing. The caller’s online behaviour is used to predict the caller’s intent and automatically route the call to the right team.

Read “Predicting Caller Intent” for reasons why more companies are looking to understand caller intent before the call.

Results shared by Amina Chaabane showed that by delivering a better customer experience and connecting callers with agents faster, they reduced the number of missed calls significantly and increased sales conversion rates.

Seamless Omnichannel Bookings

Once the call is received by the agent, Club Med is able to display the caller’s contextual information to the agent in real time.

Club Med uses computer telephony integration (CTI), so when a customer in the middle of an online booking calls, the agent can take over that booking in one click. Behind the scenes, Freespee passes the booking id from the web session to the PBX.

This new way of engaging with customers is transforming the customer experience. And Agents are enjoying providing a better service that is more efficient for them and more successful for completing sales. 

Marketing Attribution 

Last but not least, Club Med explained that by gaining access to this 360° view of the customer journey, they are able to accurately attribute revenue back to leads and leads back to campaigns.

All data collected by Freespee is sent to Google Analytics in real time, where Club Med can see:

  • A granular view of the keywords and campaigns that are driving the most leads.
  • Which campaigns are converting at the highest rates and the revenue generated by each campaign.

This analysis is helping Club Med optimise their marketing efforts and invest in the campaigns that reap the highest return on investment.

You can read through the presentation Club Med gave here, in English.