Our AB Tasty Integration: Get More Insights Into Your Call Data

If a better understanding of your core audience is the goal, then testing all possible options to make a website user-friendly and improve conversions is a great first step to take. Leading conversion rate platform AB Tasty is very good at helping marketers shape their strategy for driving revenue using A/B testing. The platform is one of many integrations offered by Freespee and is especially useful when it comes to lead generation and stellar insights from the call data we collect.

Here’s why we love our AB Tasty integration:

It uses a thorough testing process

Freespee’s A/B Tasty integration offers variations of a brand’s website or landing page, allowing marketers to focus on the one that encourages consumers to connect with their company the most. Pretty simple and effective.
The technology does this by creating a campaign via the Freespee Dashboard. Say a brand has discovered that a vital contact number on their landing page isn’t quite catching the eye of a user base. With the AB Tasty integration, tests are initiated with the contact number in different positions and other (bolder) formats.

Tracking ability

Specific data (AB Tasty tracking information and call time) is collected from each version of the page and both numbers are associated with this information during the test campaign. So, when a call is made from the website using a Freespee dynamic number, this call data is sent straight into the comforting arms of AB Tasty for analysis.

Detailed and easy to read results

AB Tasty keeps a record of these calls or conversions and plugs it into a thorough report showing the differences between the original and first variation using markers such as; conversions, conversion rate, improvements, reliability and actions. Voila, now it’s easier to gauge what website or landing page setup can turn users into leads!

One more awesome feature

While our relationship with AB Tasty focuses mainly on call data, the platform also offers a wide array of features we think are pretty cool, one we’re especially excited about is heat mapping.

Heat mapping

According to AB Tasty, Heatmaps are “visual representations of attention, engagement and interactions generated by your visitors as they navigate through your site.” They also look very impressive. Warm colours show the most used portions of the site while cooler colours highlight the parts that may need more attention. Actual optics of customer interaction is an immediate and strong measurement tool.



Freespee has many integrations to choose from that make working with third-party tools seamless. AB Tasty is one we wanted to spotlight in particular for its ability to increase not only lead conversions but personalisation – a major trend in CX this year. Personalisation is about paying close attention to the needs of a consumer base and adapting services accordingly. Through AB Tasty’s organised optimisation and testing, it’s easier for brands to figure out exactly what works best and create a system custom built for the benefit of their website visitors.

Check out our integrations page and more documentation on AB Tasty here.