AT Internet & TagCommander Added To Our List

Freespee is always working towards the ultimate goal of making voice more meaningful for you and your customers. In our endeavour to make voice interactions visible to your marketing tools, we are happy to introduce two new apps this month. Presenting the Freespee apps for AT Internet and TagCommander!

AT Internet

This solution offers all the features which are essential to carry out an advanced analysis of your audience as standard, by integrating specific business modules: e-Commerce tracking, multichannel campaign analysis, performance monitoring, rich media tracking, dash-boarding, data management (data import/export), etc. Coupled with Freespee, the AT Internet Web Analytics tool will analyse your visitors based on complete user interaction data that also includes data for phone calls collected and activated by Freespee.


Uplift TagCommander’s web analytics performance with data for phone calls provided by Freespee for detailed analysis of your online visitors and their effect on your marketing campaigns. Create an accurate customer journey that spans marketing channels and devices. Simply put, enhance your understanding of your websites conversion abilities by using Freespee and trace back the online footprints of visitors who interact with you offline.
Please visit our support page to get more details on how to activate the apps for AT Internet and TagCommander. If you would like to see an app that you are using on the Freespee list of apps, then email us on and we would be more than glad to help you.