We are proud to let you know that we provide Swedens largest classified site with temporary ad phone numbers.
The advertisers at can use a temporary phone number in their ad, which is perfect for those who would have chosen to completely hide their phone number.
By showing a temporary phone number in the ad the advertisers chances of getting the item sold increases, but the real numbers still remain hidden. Calls are connected to the advertisers regular home or mobile phone, and no calls are connected between 11 pm to 7 am.
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A Monday evening…

…Can be quite fun. We are just preparing a spontaneous Monday evening party for our friends and families. Why?
One of the largest and most successful Classified media publishers,, went live with a Voice application driven by the Freespee Voice API the other day.
From now on, any Blocket customer can use the built in Voice application to set the rules for incoming calls for their Advert (press release). In addition, their privacy is protected.
Freespee makes Voice as simple and comfortable as email.

Freespee at ICMA

One of our customers thought we should attend the ICMA conference , this year in Berlin. So now Hanna and Juhani are there.
ICMA is a community for the classified media industry. We already have some classified media customers who have built their own Voice applications by using the Freespee API, which all have been very successful.
Hence, we very much look forward to this conference, and their voice casts at

Fraudsters advertise in classifieds media

“A fraudster put out Johan’s apartment for rental at a large classified service” was the headline yesterday in Sweden’s largest newspaper Aftonbladet.
The classified service had troubles in tracking the fraudster since he/she used a temporary mail address in the advertisement. According to the police they receive about 30 similar cases a month.
Eniro has implemented the Freespee privacy protection service in their classified service. Hence, their advertisers receive privacy protection, but not by opening up for Fraud. Instead, that door is closed, forever. More Classified partners are about to be disclosed later on this year, which is good for the consumer. Our ambition is to remove fraud and uncertainty from Online sales.

Easier to sell with a voice contact

It has been a great summer with lots of time for my family and our third child that was born in July. As we didn’t have a stroller that suited our new needs I had to sell the one we had and buy us another one.
I used 2 of the biggest sites for classifieds in Sweden, and In both my advertisement I used Freespee numbers, one number for each Ad. Criminals could not track the numbers to our physical address.
The stroller was sold within 7 days and ALL potential buyers contacted me for a voice conversation. I didn’t recieve a single mail. After the deal I paused my Freespee numbers. No more late calls again asking for the stroller 1 week after it was sold. Hence, advertisers that do not invite buyers to place a call dramatically lowers the probability to sell their item.

Daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter writes about Freespee

Today Freespee is covered in the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter with an article about temporary numbers and privacy online. The article describes our service with temporary phonenumbers that guarantees your integrity, since you can give different numbers in different forums, especially forums where you might usually hesitate to give out your number, like online dating or when selling stuff online on sites like
The full article (in Swedish) can be read at if you don’t have access to the printed magazine.

Privacy protection, tricky for Classifieds

Metro, the daily newspaper, wrote today about Freespee, or almost. The Metro journalist wrote about the risk for thefts that comes with advertisements in Online classified services. In most countries, your private phone number connects you to an physical address, your home. This is information that the telecom operators hands out to the whitepages. Hence, by placing an advertisement on a leading classified service where you also state your phone number, it is easy to find your address and your gods. This is used by criminals! Every day.
So, what could I do as a consumer? I can’t sell a premium mountainbike without letting a potential buyer contact me by phone to ask relevant questions. What did the Metro article propose? Do not put your number in the Ad. Wrong!! This will significantly decrease your probability to sell your product. The sales cycle will be longer.
Now the journalist knows about Freespee. This is exactly why we started this project 2 years ago. We have been working hard since then. In less than 3-4 months, consumers in all Nordic countries will be able to choose a temporary phone number for an advertisement in leading classified services. The contracts are there, we are working on technical fine tuning and integration issues.
It has taken us 2 years to come here. Now we can’t wait for the day where everyone will feel safe in handing out a phone number for a voice contact. We are so close. If you also can’t wait, ask for an Invite to Freespee beta at, or