Call Tracking for Search

Lately we have received increasing number of requests from search advertising firms and ad networks to provide a call tracking solution for sponsored link and performance campaigns. Last year according IAB, search advertising spend in Europe totalled 6,7 Billion euros, or 45,8% of total internet ad spend.

In most cases, the advertisers only paid for the actual clicks, which is great. The problem is, that the ad displays and clicks to the landing pages also generated millions of calls to the advertisers – calls that nobody got accounted for.
Actually, not even the advertisers knew, where the calls came from. Many advertisers who live or die for the incoming calls (think about auto, real estate, telecom, medical, banking, finance, insurance, professional services, etc.), probably spent much less in search advertising than they should have, as they didn’t know how many calls those campaigns generated.
Freespee Analytics will change all that. Using virtual numbers on each advertising campaign and landing page, advertisers can now see exactly, where the calls originate from, and how much each lead cost them.
To make this as simple as possible, we have decided to partner with ad networks and search platform providers. We are proud to announce our first partner – adX Search – whose platform enables advertisers to have a single point of entry to all major search engines.

For more information, please read our partnership announcement.
Interested in adding Call Tracking to your platform or ad network? There’s an API for that. Please contact us to get started.

Analytics launched in Finland

Today we our announcing the launch of Freespee Analytics in Finland with two pilot partners, media agency Dagmar and online analytics specialist Snoobi.
This is also an important milestone for Freespee, as our new Freespee Analytics application is now available for a wider advertiser and marketer audience through media agency and analytics partners.
During the trials Freespee Analytics was used for example by a major telecom operator for their B2B marketing campaign: A Freespee Number was attached to print ads in a dozen of the leading business magazines and newspapers, which enabled both the media agency and the advertiser to measure the incoming calls received from these ads.
Going forward they can optimize the campaigns by selecting the medias that work the best, page numbers, call-to-action wording and number placements in the ads – information that is extremely valuable for any advertiser!
You can read our full press release on CisionWire in English or in Finnish. The story was already picked up by the leading advertising industry publication in Finland, Markkinointi & Mainonta.

Quote from the EADP conference

Recap from the EADP conference we just attended:
“So how do we move from a process based industry to a knowledge based industry?”
Jim Easton, AMR Research: “Measure everything, track everything!”
When the first release of Freespee came some 14 months ago, we learnt from our users that once you track everything, there is no point of return. It is like loosing your eyes.

Local search engine Advertising

Yesterday I was going through some of the statistics we gather from our search engine customers. Many SMEs limit their Online Advertising budget to Google and their AdWords offer. Hence, are all potential customers only using Google? Our statistics show that Global search engines are used for information gathering, which we all already new. However, when you have made your decision and want to proceed with you purchase, local search engines are used to find a service provider near by you, offering the product you want to purchase.
I was looking at a small car repair service in the small town of Strömstad in Sweden. They have purchased a top position in one of the largest local serach engines in Sweden (that use Freespee Publisher). They have more than 100 unique inbound calls from new customers per month.
Let’s say each call is worth in general €200 in new business, with 80% gross margin. Hence, they win new business worth up to €20 000 per month by spending some money on local search engine advertising.

Freespee, for 600 000+ advertisers

End of last week, Freespee’s consumer technology for large scale number provisioning proved unparalleled in connecting consumers with advertisers via regular phone calls. The Freespee technology is now used at to track every single phone call and create measurable results for all online advertisers in the directory inventory. The patented dynamic number provisioning engine is a true success, that economize number usage. We are talking about an inventory of 600 000+ advertisers for which Freespee servers mediates all calls. I am proud of our genious developers…and there’s more. Watch out…

Freespee releases BETA

We are proud to present a new version of Freespee!

We have been working on a new release of our service for quite a while now, and we are finally ready to release it to our users!
At the moment Freespee Beta is an invite-only service. If you don’t have an invite at the moment, just sign up with your e-mail address and we will give you an invite as soon as possible!

New features

With Freespee Beta you can use keep track of your phone as easy as your e-mail;

  • Recieve calls with up to 3 Freespee-numbers
  • Make outgoing calls with your Freespee-number
  • Use any phone you would like to recieve calls and make outgoing calls (your phone at home, workphone or mobile phone)
  • Detailed information about incoming and outgoing calls
  • Voicemail inbox
  • Personal voice messages for your Freespee-numbers
  • And much more…



With the Freespee Beta we have created a new look and feel of Freespee that we are proud of. Our goal has been to keep a simple and easy design and to make it easy to browse the site.

Freespee Blog

We have decided to write our blog in English since we are established in multiple countries. In the future we’ll write about new features and our ongoing work with Freespee! Please send us a message or comment on the blog. We would love to hear what you think about Freespee!