Freespee strikes a major classified ad partnership

We are proud to announce a new strategic partner in Germany – GmbH, owned by eBay.
Through the company’s AutoAct ad management system, Freespee’s call and leads management tools are now available to 36 000 car dealers who advertise on and 22 other classified sites and car search engines AutoAct has direct access to.
Our platform is now fully integrated into AutoAct, making life easier for everyone – just how we like it!
Please see our press release below and contact us for more information!

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Upcoming events – Join us!

The event season is kicking off again! It almost feels like during autumn there are only a couple of weeks when you should organize any kind of event… Certainly during the next week it feels like that.
Please join us at the events for a cup of coffee – it will be fun!

eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
Stockholm, Sweden 19-20 September | Running parallel with Search Marketing Expo – SMX Stockholm
15% discount code: INUSEINSIGHTS011
Freespee’s CEO Carl Holmquist will give a speech about Capturing the offline phone conversion on Day 2 (Sep 20th) at 15:30pm.
Meeting contact: daniel.johansson at

ad:tech London 2011 [Free Expo!]
London, 21-22 September
Freespee’s Chris Shields will be speaking about CPA Phone Calls on Day 1 at 10:30am.
Meeting contact: chris.shields at

dmexco [Free!]
Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference
Cologne, Germany 21-22 September
Meeting contact: tobias.karlsson at

EADP Congress 2011
Dublin, Ireland 21-23 September
European Association of Directory and Database Publishers
Meeting contact: carsten.gildum at

a4uexpo London 2011
London (Hilton Metropole) 18-19 October 2011
Freespee is once again sponsoring the event. Early Bird rate will end September 19th – 10% discount code FREESPEEVIP
Meeting contact: juhani.polkko at

Freespee Analytics 1.6 released!

With a lot of updates and exciting new features, the Freespee development team is proud to present Freespee Analytics version 1.6. We have summarized the most important enhancements below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this release (info at
Freespee Analytics 1.6 ads new valuable features to our Local Search and Classifieds partners and their SME advertisers:

  • Voicemail and interactive call log
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Co-branded e-mails with support info
  • Improved reporting
  • Dynamic pie chart
  • Help texts and more

The new features help the advertisers with lead management, so they can be assured to quickly get back to all the potential customers who tried to reach them, and also distribute the leads effectivelty within their sales team.
Please read below more information about the updates.

Voicemail and interactive call log

Voicemail is one of the new useful features in Analytics 1.6. You or your advertiser can easily record a greeting message and activate same or different voicemail for each call source. Incoming voicemail messages will appear in the leads page along with our new interactive call log. Your advertisers can listen to the messages on the web, as well as download or share them by e-mail.
The interactive call log contains a list of calls, voicemails and notes related to each lead (combination of Freespee source and caller). All users with access to the leads page can comment on incoming leads and even individual calls. Please talk to your sales representative to activate voicemail.

Email and SMS notifications

Notifications on missed calls is now a per-source setting that you or your advertisers can administer in the Analytics web. If voicemail is enabled for your account, you will also be able to activate notifications when new voicemail messages arrive.
And hey, there is more, we’ve added SMS notifications! Enter your mobile phone number to get notified by text message. Please talk to your sales representative to activate SMS notifications.

Co-branded e-mails with support info

All e-mails sent from Analytics to end-users are now co-branded with the partner’s logo. Furthermore, we have included support contact details in these e-mails.

Improved reporting

We added several new reports in Analytics 1.6:

  • Customer report – Produces a list of customers and a summary of number of sources.
  • Source report – Lists all sources currently active along with some basic customer info.
  • Sources without traffic – Helps you identify sources which hasn’t received any calls during a given time period.
  • Traffic log report – This one isn’t actually new, it’s the old “Detailed report” with a new name.

Dynamic pie chart

In an effort to make comparison of traffic volume easier, we’ve added a brand new dynamic pie chart on the advertiser’s start page. Choose a variable to group by in the drop down and the pie chart will display a comparison between the different values.

Help texts and more

To make it easier to add new sources we’ve added help texts and suggestion dropdowns. Hover the mouse pointer over any of the input fields to view the help texts. Previously used values will appear as suggestions when you put focus on a textbox.

Freespee attending ICMA in Vienna

This spring, we attended the ICMA conference in Berlin. Since then, we have added several classified search services to our list of customer. They all use the Freespee call tracking and Pay-Per-Call platform for the same purpose, to prove and fully monetize their Ad inventory.
This time, ICMA is in Vienna, and Freespee is there. The typical B2C classified service use the Freespee API to embed our services. In the picture below, you see an example where a local phone number and SMS notification services are ordered and provisioned in real time using the API.

If you find this interesting, go to Vienna and look for Juhani, he will introduce you to how easy it is to start count calls.


We are proud to let you know that we provide Swedens largest classified site with temporary ad phone numbers.
The advertisers at can use a temporary phone number in their ad, which is perfect for those who would have chosen to completely hide their phone number.
By showing a temporary phone number in the ad the advertisers chances of getting the item sold increases, but the real numbers still remain hidden. Calls are connected to the advertisers regular home or mobile phone, and no calls are connected between 11 pm to 7 am.
» Learn more about the case!

A Monday evening…

…Can be quite fun. We are just preparing a spontaneous Monday evening party for our friends and families. Why?
One of the largest and most successful Classified media publishers,, went live with a Voice application driven by the Freespee Voice API the other day.
From now on, any Blocket customer can use the built in Voice application to set the rules for incoming calls for their Advert (press release). In addition, their privacy is protected.
Freespee makes Voice as simple and comfortable as email.


I am happy to announce that Freespee will bring our next generation Call Analytics solution to European directory publishers at the EADP conference in Palma de Mallorca.
We have successfully expanded our reach in Europe and we are currently working with four of the leading directory groups, in eight!! different countries.
Being at Palma de Mallorca (lovely conditions for Swedes…) enables us to meet with our European customers and introduce our next generation Call Analytics solution. Freespee Analytics 1.5 is the result of our experience in running large scale traffic visualization solutions for some of the biggest directory publishers for two years, with 0 minutes downtime.
We plan to launch in at least two additional European countries over the next two months, offering Call Analytics solutions to directory publishers, B2C classifieds and media agencies that all work with phone savvy business.

Freespee at ICMA

One of our customers thought we should attend the ICMA conference , this year in Berlin. So now Hanna and Juhani are there.
ICMA is a community for the classified media industry. We already have some classified media customers who have built their own Voice applications by using the Freespee API, which all have been very successful.
Hence, we very much look forward to this conference, and their voice casts at

Freespee People available at Mö

On 28th of October I wrote that Freespee People numbers were soon to be available at some of the biggest classified and social networking sites.
For 24 hours, Freespee numbers have now been available at Mö, the extremely successful online dating service of Schibsted. The success was immediate.
And there are more to join us the upcoming weeks, watch out!

Classified service live with Freespee

A leading classified service in the Nordics is now live with our Freespee People application since a couple of weeks. And we are in the middle of the launch process with a couple of the biggest brands in the industry.
How we got here in just 16 months I don’t know, propably it is the 2 years of coffee and coding during late nighthours before that!
I will be able to tell you where to go on the net in just a few weeks from now.