2 Million Milestone

Yesterday was a big day for us and our partners. Leading Ad networks in Europe, powered by the Freespee Pay-Per-Call platform, had in co-operation with their publishers generated 2 million phone leads to their advertisers.
In some cases the calls were generated in 100% Pay-Per-Call driven campaigns, but in most cases the Calls were a complement to an existing Online CPA/CPL model, in order to monetize 100% of the traffic and eliminate the revenue leakage. The CPL value of a call starts at 3 EUR and can go as high as 100 EUR in some businesses, as real estate, car test drives etc.
In travel, up to 80% of the consumers prefer to close the deal by phone. If an Online Ad network does not add Pay-Per-Call to their CPA/CPL business model, they leak 80% of their revenue in worst case.