How a Freespee number helped a car rental service

A week ago one of our customers, a nation wide car rental service, were looking at their call stats from their market spending in Yellow pages. They were very satisfied with the volume of received calls, but the number of missed calls was also too high.
We showed them how too drill down into detailed call analytics in Freespee Advertiser. Now they could see a pattern in the missed calls. It was an easy fix by better resource planning and now all calls are answered.
If a typical order is worth 250 EUR, I guess they are satisfied.

Track Local Listing for all advertisers!

Freespee is currently implementing Freespee Numbers to all Local Listing Advertisers in a selected European country. This is done for the largest Local Search engine in the specific country.
And yes, a Freespee Number to every advertiser in the entire directory inventory means n x 100 000 Freespee Numbers. No problem for us.
Who is the client and which is the country? We can’t tell you.  But we are happy to show you how it works.