How to use #Hashtags more effectively

My early memories of the pound sign or # sign was the button on the dial pad of my phone. Then came twitter and decided to give the hashtag a completely new meaning. Something as simple as a hashtag can make or break your social media campaign, especially on Twitter. Here are a few tips from #Freespee on how to effectively use hashtags.

Research before you release

Test the effectiveness of your hashtag by seeing what’s already out there. The last thing you want after working so hard on that perfect hashtag is to find it is already associated with something else. It’s fairly likely that whatever hashtag you choose will occasionally be interrupted by a random unengaged user talking about something totally different, however choosing a unique, yet relevant, hashtag for your brand ensures the spotlight remains on your business for the right reasons.

Create hashtags that are easy to remember

When choosing a hashtag, it’s important to make sure that your hashtag is easy for users to remember. With thousands of hashtags roaming the social media universe, the last thing a business wants to do is create a hashtag that is hard to spell or pronounce. Hashtags should be short, easy to pronounce and spell and give users a better idea about the topic of the conversation or tweet stream. At the same time don’t make your hashtag so generic that it would relate to everything under the sun. For example #2015 will have a very wide scope while #Thursday will have a very limited scope.

Used hashtags to categorise campaigns

When you upload social media content, use hashtags to further describe its purpose and the value it offers to its audience. For example, if your content relates to a topic like #fallfashion, or a #holidaysale, say so by including a hashtag. Hashtags can also be very effectively used to show the creativity of your marketing team. Look at Nike’s #betterforit campaign. Often paired with motivational quotes from athletes and gorgeous images on Nike Women’s Twitter feed, the #betterforit campaign drives users to the Nike app while also remaining true to Nike’s “train hard” athletic aesthetic.

Use hastags sparingly

#NeverUse #TooMany #Hashtags #In #the #SameMessage #ThisReadsLikeSpam
Yes, its does read like spam and will mostly go unnoticed or will be deleted. It is also annoying to read a message filled with hashtags. Stick to using not more than two hashtags for your message.

Use hashtags responsibly

Hashtagging trending topics to irrelevant Tweets to draw attention to yourself, or tweeting about everything trending to drive traffic to yourself is bad. Jumping on the bandwagon does not a trending hashtag make. Engaging in any of these bad Twitter habits could lead to a suspended profile and doesn’t provide a meaningful boost in your brand awareness. Behaving like a spammer will only attract spammers.
We hope that these tips have been useful to you. Do share your comments and suggestions with us.