2 Million Milestone

Yesterday was a big day for us and our partners. Leading Ad networks in Europe, powered by the Freespee Pay-Per-Call platform, had in co-operation with their publishers generated 2 million phone leads to their advertisers.
In some cases the calls were generated in 100% Pay-Per-Call driven campaigns, but in most cases the Calls were a complement to an existing Online CPA/CPL model, in order to monetize 100% of the traffic and eliminate the revenue leakage. The CPL value of a call starts at 3 EUR and can go as high as 100 EUR in some businesses, as real estate, car test drives etc.
In travel, up to 80% of the consumers prefer to close the deal by phone. If an Online Ad network does not add Pay-Per-Call to their CPA/CPL business model, they leak 80% of their revenue in worst case.

Pay Per Lead (PPC) in the UK

After a 3 hours meeting with one of the most successful search engines for real estate in the UK, I realize that UK is the European answer to US in terms of performance based marketing.
The performance based business model is not just a word everyone is talking about, it is also implemented in daily business transactions. In addition, the UK market has already tried advertising setups with no phone numbers, hence 100% focus in driving traffic from the Advert to the advertiser web site or on online form for requesting a proposal. The reason behind this setup has been the inability to trace phone calls.
What happened?
Consumers didn’t appreciate it. Our statistics  show that up to 50% of the visitors of a vertical search engine service wants to contact the advertiser for a voice conversation. All efforts to make this complicated, drives down the value of the service.
Ironically, the average sales conversion rate for an inbound call is 60-70% in most industries. Average sales conversion rate for a click through is 1-2% in most industries. Hence, the value of the call is up to 30 times higher than the value of a click.
In UK, online business has understood this and are now looking for the best tech companies that can help them monetize on generated voice contact leads.
For this reason they contacted Freespee. With traditional display numbers, there is no business case in tracing traffic for an Advert with less than 5-10 calls per month. The Freespee number algorithms enable our customers to trace phone calls for all Adverts, even those with 1 call per year.

Quote from the EADP conference

Recap from the EADP conference we just attended:
“So how do we move from a process based industry to a knowledge based industry?”
Jim Easton, AMR Research: “Measure everything, track everything!”
When the first release of Freespee came some 14 months ago, we learnt from our users that once you track everything, there is no point of return. It is like loosing your eyes.