Call Tracking for Search

Lately we have received increasing number of requests from search advertising firms and ad networks to provide a call tracking solution for sponsored link and performance campaigns. Last year according IAB, search advertising spend in Europe totalled 6,7 Billion euros, or 45,8% of total internet ad spend.

In most cases, the advertisers only paid for the actual clicks, which is great. The problem is, that the ad displays and clicks to the landing pages also generated millions of calls to the advertisers – calls that nobody got accounted for.
Actually, not even the advertisers knew, where the calls came from. Many advertisers who live or die for the incoming calls (think about auto, real estate, telecom, medical, banking, finance, insurance, professional services, etc.), probably spent much less in search advertising than they should have, as they didn’t know how many calls those campaigns generated.
Freespee Analytics will change all that. Using virtual numbers on each advertising campaign and landing page, advertisers can now see exactly, where the calls originate from, and how much each lead cost them.
To make this as simple as possible, we have decided to partner with ad networks and search platform providers. We are proud to announce our first partner – adX Search – whose platform enables advertisers to have a single point of entry to all major search engines.

For more information, please read our partnership announcement.
Interested in adding Call Tracking to your platform or ad network? There’s an API for that. Please contact us to get started.